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KIPPEN, Euphemia , died Oct 20, 1881; aged 54y; wife of George; nee PARK

KIPPEN, George, born at Glasgow, Scotland; died Sept 2, 1895;aged 79y; husb. of Euphemia PARK

KIPPEN, Margaret, Oct 21, 1857 - Jan 24, 1925

KIPPEN, Mary, May 27, 1860 - May 29, 1860; dau. of George & Euphemia


Concerning the family and the Property

The ownership of this property, now part of Bellwood Farm, is clearly shown on the most complete map of the farm, made in 1921 and on file in the County Clerk's office, Canandaigua.  This indicates the transfer of title to each part of the farm from the initial sale by Charles WILLIAMSON.  The main part of the property is on Lot #8. 

Nov. 4, 1850, George KIPPEN purchased 132.94 acres from Gideon LEE, for $7,976.40.    (93-301)

" Part of the Bush farm being at a point on the Old Preemption Road at intersection of a lot dividing the Bush farm from the White Springs Farm, thence:

N 76'30"E - 34 chains, 65 links

S 11'30"E - 40 chains, 50 lings, to south boundaries of Bush

S 76'30"W - 22 chains, 84 links

N 1'45"E - 8 chains, 40 links

S 86' W - 19 chains, 27 links, to center of Old Preemption

N 1'45"E - 31 chains, 40 links"


Summary of previous title is as follows:

Charles WILLAIMSON to Conradt BUSH, Dec 5, 1794 (6-17)

Conradt BUSH to Ann NICHOLAS, May 1, 1830 (49-513)

Ann NICHOLAS to Robert C. NICHOLAS, Nov 30, 1838 (67-72)

Robert NICHOLAS to Gideon LEE, Mar 30, 1839 (67-334)


April 13, 1858, Mr. KIPPEN purchased two additional pieces of Lot #8 from Thomas and Elizabeth BOND, for $1,500

8 acres - in the southwest part of Bush farm on east side and touching Old Preemption Road (115-323)

Previous title:

W.G. LEE to R.H. MORRIS, Nov 18, 1851  (97-176)

R.H. MORRIS to W.G. Lee, Dec 1, 1853 (Mtge. 51 -354)

W.G. LEE to William PRICE, Sept 2, 1854 (106-272)

William PRICE to Thomas BOND, Nov 1, 1856 

Following Mr. KIPPEN's death in 1895, the entire property was sold to Thomas CASS by executors, July 25, 1896 (216-41) for $10,000.  The transfer excepts a small graveyard on said farm and reserving the right of access thereto at all proper times and the right to bury thereon the dead of the KIPPEN family.  The graveyard measures 20' x 30' in size.  Mr. CASS sold the property to Katherine B. LEWIS, Sept. 19, 1905 (255-79). 

The road shown on the map, making the north boundary of the property was once a town road and named the Kippen Road.  It was abandoned and sold to A.G. LEWIS for $600.  The location of the house is marked now only by some tall poplars at the top of the hill.  The road is sometimes referred to now as the "Barracks Road", because the field workers' barracks' built some time ago near White Springs Road end. 

Mr. KIPPEN's will, dated July 30, 1889, provides for the sale of all assets other than the U.S. Bonds of which he had $55,000 worth.  Enough of these were to be set aside to provide a life income of $1,200 for the care of his daughter, Margaret.  The balance was to be divided between his nephews, sons of his sister, Margaret K. EDMISTON of Crossfield, Scotland; James Kippen EDMISTON, George Fleming EDMISTON, William, Hugh and Richard F. EDMISTON.  The first two, living in the State of Washington at the tie=me, were named executors.  A later codicil withdrew their portion and bequeathed it to Arthur P. ROSE as trustees.  Mr. ROSE was named executor.  The total estate as given by the inventory, amounted to about $69,000. 

Information in the County Clerk's office, Canandaigua, reveals that Margaret KIPPEN had been mentally retarded since early childhood.  All her life, according to evidence of her cousins, she had needed to be watched, helped to dress, etc.  Her condition deteriorated as she grew older and in 1894 her father sent her to the Sisters of Misericorde in New York City.  Following his death, in accordance with his will, $35,000 worth of bonds were set aside as a trust account for her care.  At the time of her death, she had been a patient at Willard State Hospital for some time. 

Her estate was valued initially at $18,173.02.  Its settlement involved some years of effort.  Her only hears were her cousins.   James EDMISTON had assigned his share to his wife and changed his name to James FLEMING.  He was not an inmate in a hospital in Scotland.  Richard had died in Scotland, and left heirs.  William had died in England, leaving four children.  Hugh had died in Australia, leaving 3 nephews as heirs.  This would have been difficult enough had everyone been resident in the United States.  The estate was finally settled, the pertinent papers for both estates making up a large section of one of the record files in the surrogate's office.

 By  Gladys E. Gray, 9/16/69

(Copied from LDS files)

NOTE: " The Geneva Gazette", November 2, 1855, states: "MARRIED.  On the 2nd inst. In this village by the Rev. W. H. A. BISSELL, Mr. George KIPPEN to Miss Euphemia PARK.


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