Pickett Cemetery

 Co. Rt. 18 & Lake to Lake Rd Intersection,  Gorham,  NY


[Once referred to as Denham Cemetery]



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Pickett Cemetery Headstones

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BARTELE?  unk* 4759 Jerusha? died ??? 29, 1859?; 20 or 28y
FOX*   4754 Katharine died May 12, 1836; 38y; w/o Thomas
FREY*  4753 Lovina     died Dec 9, 1861; w/o Benjamin
HOWE* 4766 Rachel died Aug 15, 1843;  28y,11m,15d; w/o Almond
MINER* 4768 Darius died June 20, 1836; 67y
NEUMAN* 4758 Elizabeth died Apr 10, 1839; 50y,2m,21d
MITCHELL4752 Zerviah died Feb 4, 1833; 5?1y ,11m; w/o Abner 
MORRISON4773 Margaret died Aug 9, 1859;  47y,1m,27d prob 2nd w/o William
MORRISON* 4774 William 1745 - Aug 5, 1845; 100y,5m; h/o Margaret & ; Rev War Soldier   "Dear wife my life is past, To you my love so long did last; now for me, no sorrow take, but love my children for my sake." - [ epitaph found in a book by Wm. Calvin Patterson - "Wayfarers' Tales of American Families" - the earliest we found was 1818 for this verse]
RICE4756 Luther W. died Jan 30, 1840;  2y,4m,20d; s/o David & Elizabeth
RIDLEY 4751    died 1849?  [broken]
SMITH* 4762 Ansel P. died Jan 19, 1842;  4y,6m; s/o George C. & Dorcas
SMITH*    4755 Patience A. died Dec 23, 1849; 23y,1m,5d; w/o Edward
STORY*  4749 John died June 23, 1861; 38y,3m; s/o Wm. & Phebe
STORY* 4748 Phebe 1777 - June 23, 1861; 83y,11m ; w/o Wm.
STORY* 4748 William died June 5, 1853; 78y,6m,21d; husb of Phebe
unknown*  4751 RIDL???    died 1839?
unknown*   4757, 4770   [appears to be 2 headstones, face to face, surrounded by bamboo & vines]
unknown4760 Mary         wife of George; aged ??y
unknown*  4763, 64, 65 multiple stones  a jigsaw puzzle of headstones 
unknown*  4767 Stephen    died Nov 10?, 1843; 86y,8m,25d
unknown4771 Minerva    stone broken in pieces
unknown4772 unk     40y?,3m,13d;  "They die in Jesus and are blest; how kind their slumbers are, from suffering and sins released and freed from every snare."  [from "Hymns of the church Universal" by Dr. Rilands - Bible Revelations 14.13]

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