Old Theopolis Short or Evergreeen Cemetery 
Main St., Shortsville, NY

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  Cemetery Headstone Pictures 

now known as the Evergreen Cemetery

ADAMS, Carrie L.

died Jan 1, 1872;  22y; w/o John T.

ALDRICH, Dewitt Clinton *

died Oct 9, 1874;  21y; s/o Seymour & Mary

ALDRICH, Seymour *

died Jan 20, 1888; 77y

ANDREWS, Charles died June 9, 1831; 5y; s/o Chauncey & Phidelia
ANDREWS, Phildelia* died Sept 2, 1854; 5y,6m

BABCOCK, Charles

died June 9, 1831; 5y; s/o Chauncey & Phidelia


died June 19, 1852; 7m; d/o Sherman & Emily


died Apr 7, 1869; 49y; Co. C, 15th NY Cav - Civil War Vet

BABCOCK, James S.*

died Apr 4, 1850; 9m; s/o Sherman & Emily


died Aug 19, 1858; 31y,8m,11d; w/o G.W.

BABCOCK, Phidelia

died Sept 9, 1851; 5y; d/o Chauncey & Phidelia

BABCOCK, Sherman*

died May 28, 1854; 24y,2m,24d

BARLOW, Abner*

July 16, 1794 - Nov 19, 1862; 68y; h/o Harriet

BARLOW, Harriet*

died Apr 13, 1828; 30y; consort of Abner Jr.

BARLOW, Lydia S.*

Jan 31, 1827 - June 11, 1846; 19y

BARLOW, William A.*

Jan 20, 1825 - Oct 31, 1863; 38y


died July 23, 1840; 4y,10m; s/o Job & Polly


June 25, 1819 - Jan 5, 1906; 86y; h/o Mary A.

BUCK, Addison N.*

died Nov 17, 1843; 48y,3m,18d; h/o Sabrina E.

BUCK, Caroline Eliza

died Apr 29, 1832; 6y; d/o Addison N. & Sabrina E.

BUCK, Clara*

died Dec 12, 1872 in St. Louis; 30y; w/o M. M.

BUCK, Infant Eliza --  *

died Sept 1832; 3m; child of Addison N & Sabrina E

BUCK, Leonard*

died Feb 27, 1847; 23y

BUCK, Mary A. *

Aug 16, 1818 - Nov 2, 1884; 66y; w/o A. C.; nee MILLS

BUCK, Mortimer C.C.*

Dec 16, 1851 - Mar 24, 1858; 6y; s/o A. C. & Mary A.

BUCK, Sabrina E. *

died Dec 27, 1874;  73y; w/o Addison N.; nee SHORT


died Sept 19, 1869; 56y,5m,21d; w/o Richard


died July 21, 1870; 52y; w/o John

CALHOUN, Robert C.*

died Feb 24, 1867; 24y,6m,11d; s/o John & Mary A.

CLOYES, Franklin B.*

July 15, 1829 - May 1, 1878; 48y; h/o Harriet;  Co. C, 15 NYV Cav - Civil War Vet

CLOYES, Harriet S. *

Jan 5, 1830 - Apr 7, 1888; w/o Franklin B.; nee BUCK

CLOYES, Willie A.*

died Sept 1, 1864;  9y,5m; s/o Franklin B. & Harriet S.

COREY, Amos*

died Sept 15, 1870;  54y,4m;            buried in Brookside Cemetery

COREY, Anna E.*

died Dec 26, 1862;  16y,10d; d/o James A. & Phebe

COREY, James F.*

1790 - 1870; h/o Nancy

COREY, Nancy

1790 - 1866; w/o James F.

CRANE, Abigail*

died Aug 16, 1854;  65y; w/o Chester

CRANE, Chester*

died Nov 26, 1876;  90y

DEWEY, Mary J.*

died Mar 23, 1880,  45y,10m,23d; w/o S.J.


died Oct 31, 1868;  23y; w/o W.P.

GARIAD, Elnathan G.

died Aug 31, 1872,  26y,11m,12d

HANNA, Harriet S.*

Sept 10, 1821 - Apr 30, 1896

HAUVER, Allen W.*

died July 1, 1862;  20y,11m,12d; s/o Walter S. & Mary A.

HAUVER, James*

died Apr 9, 1856;  21y,26d; s/o Walter S. & Mary A.


died Sept 4, 1866;  22y,1m,15d; d/o Walter S. & Mary A.

HAUVER, Mary A.*

died July 30, 1875;  71y,8m,11d; w/o Walter S.

HAUVER, Mary L.*

died July 16, 1863;  10m, 16d; d/o Walter S. & Sarah M.

HAUVER, Walter S.*

died Nov 12, 1865,  35y,11m,10d; s/o Walter S. & Mary A

HAUVER, Walter S.*

died Nov 19, 1855;  55y; h/o Mary A. & Sarah M.


died Mar 25, 1862;  56y,5m,17d

JONES, Sarah*

Aug 9, 1812 in Buchingamshire, England - Sept 8, 1880

JONES, Sophia*

1795 in London, England - Feb 4, 1870; w/o William M.

JONES, William M*

Feb 17, 1789 in Berkshire, England - Feb 3, 1870

JONES, William

died Dec 18, 1856;  12y; s/o William & Eliza

MOORE, Clarisa C.*

died Dec 10, 1846;  25y; w/o John A.

MOORE, Jennet A.*

died Jan 18, 1837;  10m,8d; d/o John A. & Clarissa C.

MOORE, John A.*

died June 17, 1847,  28y; h/o Clarisa C.

NEWTON, Albert*

died Dec 21, 1852;  20y; s/o Proctor & Mary

NEWTON, Hiram*

died Mar 9, 1874;  38y; s/o Proctor & Mary

NEWTON, Mary *

died July 13, 1884;  83y; w/o Proctor; nee LARNED

NEWTON, Proctor*

June 16, 1799 - May 15, 1878;  79y; h/o Mary LARNED

PARISH, Seneca A.

died Sept 20, 1866;  5y,11d; s/o I.S & C.


died Oct 9, 1865;  16y,4m,8d; s/o Isaac & Jane


died Oct 7, 1849;  22y; d/o Daniel & Sarah

PORTER, Rufus*

died June 27, 1846;  21y,8d; s/o Daniel & Sarah


died Aug 25, 1864;  30y,5m,23d


died Nov 26, 1867;  63y,10m; w/o Eliab


died May 26, 1874;  70y,2m,17d; h/o Diana

RUSSELL, Emily A.*

died July 7, 1857;  15y,7m; d/o Eliab & Diana

SHORT, Lydia *

died March 10, 1831;  61y; w/o Theophilus; nee PECK

SHORT, Myron N.

died Oct 11, 1859;  50y,2m

SHORT, Theophilus*

1771 - Dec 14, 1842; h/o Lydia PECK; Founder of Shortsville, NY

SPEAR, Emma M.*

died Jan 16, 1864;  5m,20d; d/o J.P. & Jane L.

SPEAR, Jane L. *

died Oct 17, 1859;  27y,6m,14d; w/o J.P.; nee HAUVER

TOPLIFF, Elmina *

1803 - 1872

TOPLIFF, Zylpha*

1780 - 1879; 99y


died Sept 15, 1857; 15y,4m


died Aug 4, 1862;  7y,18d; s/o David & Clara

WALKER, Adelbert C.*

died May 12, 1851; 3y; s/o Artemus & Cordelia

WALKER, Albert B.*

1839 - 1907;  Co C, 24th Iowa Inf. - Civil War   [2 stones]

WALKER, Artemus*

died Marc 3, 1872; 59y

WALKER, Cordelia M. 

died May 23, 1898; 85y; w/o Aretmus; nee SHORT

WALKER, Myron M.

died Oct 11, 1859; 50y,2m

WALKER, Theophilus

died Dec 14, 1812; 72y


1821 - 1904   [at base of Topliff stone]

WHIPPLE, Welthea Mariah *

died Dec 17, 1847; 19y,9d; w/o William D.

WICKS, Aurelia S.*

died July 17, 1857;  4y,2m,10d; d/o L.L. & P.A.



The Enterprise         Thurs             Mar 26, 1936

In the Matter of the Application for the Abandonment of The Burial Ground situate in the Village of Shortsville, Town of Manchester, Ontario County, New York, known as the "Short Cemetery," pursuant to the Provisions of Section 296 of the Town Law -

A petition verified the 7th day of March. 1936, having been presented to me by Gooding H. Bliss, Supervisor of the Town of Manchester, pursuant to Section 296 of the Town Law, praying that the remains of certain deceased persons buried in the abandoned cemetery known as the "Theophilus Short" Burial Lot in the Village of Shortsville, Ontario County, New York, be removed to and re-interred in the Brookside Cemetery of the Manchester Cemetery Association,  incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, and also fixing the amount of the expense of such removal and re-interment in the form and manner provided by statute.

Now, on motion of Willis C. Ellis, attorney for the said petitioner, it is ORDERED, that all persons interested therein, show cause before me at a Special Term of this Court to be held at the Judge's Chambers, 1-3 Greeve Block, in the City of Canandaigua, NY, on the 30th of March, 1936, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, why an order should not be made directing the removal of the remains of the said deceased persons from the neglected "Theophilus Short" Burial Lot to Brookside Cemetery within the said Village of Shortsville, N. Y., and also fixing the amount of the expense of such removal and re-interment, including the expense of the proceeding under this section, and for such other and further order or relief in the premises as shall be just and meet under the circumstances.

And it is FURTHER ORDERED that notice of this application be published for two successive weeks in the "Shortsville Enterprise" a newspaper published at the Village of Shortsville, NY.  

Dated, Canandaigua, NY, Mar. 9, 1936   HORACE W. FITCH, Ontario Co. Judge 


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