Maryland Street Road Cemetery

formerly  known as

 Harris Farm Cemetery

Maryland St. between Gifford Rd. & Bohner, Phelps,  NY


Private property  - abandoned



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Under the leadership of Don Tiffany, Phelps Historian, in 2001 a working party from the Phelps Historical Society restored the cemetery enough to correct and augment the record of burials there. Thank you all, for your caring.

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CLARK Laury J. died July 14, 1830;  1y,4m,6d; dau of James B. & Charity (also footstone marked "J.C.")
DAVIS William 1769 -  Nov 18, 1816;  47y;;  "in memory"
HARRIS Elizabeth 1769 - June 7, 1845;  76y; wife of ____t;  "Go home my friends, dry your tears, I must lie here til Christ appears."  (also a footstone marked E.H.)
HARRIS George 1841 - Mar 23, 1856;  12y,8m,23d; son of John & B.
HARRIS John Jan 17, 1818 - Feb 15, 1850;  32y
HARRIS John S. 1796 - Mar 15, 1846;  59y,6m; husb of Elizabeth  "Weep not for him who has no cause for tears, Hush then your sighs & calm your fears" (also a footstone marked "J.S.H.")
HARRIS Sarah M. died Oct 26, 1851;  2y,3m,11d; dau of John & B.
ROY Infants 4 infants before 1818
ROY John  died Feb 16, 1818;  39y; ("also 4 infants gone before him")  "Here lies a Worthy Scot, who labored hard for all he got"
VANDERVOORT  John July 7, 1811 - Mar 7, 1812;  8m

Footnotes supplied by Melvin Brown:

"This cemetery is located in Phelps, (about 1200 ft. east of Maryland St.) on Great Lot 6, just south of the line of the line dividing it from Great Lot 8. Since the HARRIS farm was located on Lot 8, the former cemetery name has been misleading."

" From 1800 - 1838, Lot 6 was owned by the John ISRAEL family.  John's sister was the wife of Richard PARRISH, who, with his sons, owned Lot 8 from 1800 - 1834.The 4 burials in this time span were individuals related to these two families, or close neighbors.  John VANDERVOORT was the son of Daniel & Nancy who lived a half mile south of the cemetery.  William DAVIS lived just south of them and his wife's brother was married to a daughter of Richard PARRISH.  Laury CLARK'S mother was the daughter of John ISRAEL.  John ROY'S wife, Edna, was the daughter of Richard PARRISH.  

Also found was a footstone, "E.R.", which could be for Edna, who died in 1841, but no headstone for her was located.  Also found was a footstone, "C.G.".   Benjamin and David GLIMPSE married Richard PARRISH'S granddaughters in 1839 & 1842; this could be for a child of theirs.  These unmatched stones, plus other deaths in these families known to having occurred before 1830, indicate that there could be other DAVIS, ROY, PARRISH or ISRAEL burials at this site, not yet found.

John S. HARRIS bought Lot 8 from the PARRISHES in 1834.  Elizabeth was undoubtedly his mother, and the John who died in 1850 was his son.  Sarah and George were children of James and Barbara HARRIS.  James was another son of John S. HARRIS.  HARRIS'S estate sold his farm in 1847, but William ROY, who bought it with his uncle, Isaac, was a son in law of the then deceased John S. HARRIS."

William Davis

John Harris

John Roy

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