St. Francis Catholic Cemetery

Phelps, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of  Mel Norsen

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Daugherty Family Stone

Floyd L. Daugherty

Lewis H. Daugherty

Mary Louise Daugherty

Nancy E. Daughterty

Pauline R. Daugherty

Kirk E., Mildred & Roy  De Baere

Emiel, Amelia, David   DeBoover

Florence L. DeBoover

George F. DeBoover

Peter B. DeBoover

Arthur J. & Jane F. DeCook

Charles L. & Lodevica L. DeCook

E. Richard & Barbara DeCook

Russell J. DeCook

Frank B. Ethel L. DePauw

John E. DePauw

Johann DePauw

Margaret DePauw

Mary L. DePauw

August B. DeRuyter

Bernard J. & Addie DeRuyter

Edward A. DeRuyter

 Emily DeRuyter

Emma DeRuyter

Helen L. DeRuyter

Kenneth A. DeRuyter

Leo & Ruth E. DeRuyter

Peter DeRuyter

Sophia DeRuyter

Anton E. & Alice L. DeVries

Margaret Dewever

Peter E. Dewever


Peter F. & Adriania C. DeWind

Eugene & Madeline Dhalle

Martha C. Dhalle

Ruth R. & Emil Dhalle

Joseph & Elizabeth Dlugosz

Martin, Ann & John F. Dooley

Charles, H, Mary H., Patrick & Catherine Doyle

Michael W. & Mildred E. Draheim

Michael W. Draheim (same as previous)

Mary E. Driscoll

Betty J. & Trever James Dunham VanDamme

Arthur J. Dyett

Catherine Dyett

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