Bray or Barkley or Hamilton Cemetery 

East Side of East Lake Road, Near Burns Point

Richmond, NY


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BARKLEY Frederick Spencer died May 25, 1860; 6y,7m,13d; son of Thomas & Julia
BARKLEY Jennie Lind died Apr 7, 1873; 11y,7m,7d; dau of Thomas & Julia
BARKLEY Thomas died May 25, 1880; 13y,9m,2d; son of Thomas & Julia
BRAY Andrew died Jan 26, 1840; 85y,6m; husb of Mary
BRAY Mary died Nov 25, 1848; 75y; wife of Andrew
BRAY Phillip died June 5, 1860; 27y,5d; son of Andrew & Catherine
CRANDALL Elizabeth died Oct 10, 1856; 89y,3m
LANE Maria died Feb 1, 1852; 88y
LANE William died Sept 25, 1833; 79y; Rev War Soldier
MOORE Loren died Apr 3, 1849; 24y
HAMILTON Charlotte died May 18, 1820; 28y; dau of Hugh & Isabel
HAMILTON Hugh Oct 30, 1770 -  Mar 1, 1851; 81y; husb of Isabel KNOX
HAMILTON infant died Jan 26, 1836; 5 wks; child of David & Laura
HAMILTON Louise died Feb 17, 1841; 4y; dau of David & Laura
HAMILTON Isabel Dec 25, 1772 -  Oct 5, 1856; 83y; 10m; wife of Hugh; nee KNOX
HAMILTON Mary A. died Sept 12, 1838; 16y; dau of David & Laura
HAMILTON Polly died May 9, 1826; 27y; dau of Hugh & Isabel
HAMILTON Richmond L. died Jan 27, 1841; 4y,11m; son of David & Laura

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