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Lima NY Recorder  & Livonia NY Gazette     Thursday   August 27, 1970    

 150 Year Old Cemetery Contains Graves of Area’s Earliest Settlers

Camouflaged by almost a century's growth of vines and myrtle, the original cemetery of the Village of Honeoye has never been seen by most modern-day residents of Honeoye.

Listed in the town cemetery records as Pitts or Blackmer Cemetery, it's located on what used to be Abbey Rd.   The cemetery contains about 40 graves, dating from 1820 to 1898.

Although some bodies were exhumed and moved to Lakeview Cemetery around 1875, the original markers are still in Pitts Cemetery .

The bodies of members of the Pitts family were among those moved. Today, one of the largest standing stones in the cemetery is that of William R. Pitts, who died March 23, 1829 at the age of 33.

The most prominent marker in Pitts Cemetery is that of the Whisker family. The five ft. monument bears the names of the members of the family, and individual headstones mark their separate graves. An American flag placed by the American Legion on the grave of William C. Whisker, (1845-1864) a veteran, is the only color in the quiet cemetery.

Many of the old graves have sunk into the ground. Others, never filled, caused the headstones to topple and fall. Some markers were solid pieces of rock, with, inscriptions carved into a lighter veneer; the outside layer has now fallen away, and many graves are marked by only a rough piece of rock.

The Pitts Cemetery: was abandoned by the town, to be left in its ''original condition." Uncut, a deep growth of myrtle has buried and helped to preserve the old stones. 

Hidden from the rest of a rapidly-changing town, Pitts Cemetery has remained an unchanged record of Honeoye's earliest inhabitants.

Following is an inscription from a gravestone in Pitts Cemetery :

"A sadder call

awake you all

0 stop and think on Death

By this you see how frail you be

Uncertain of your breath.”




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ABBEY Alice died Sept 13, 1859; 2y,5m; d/o George & Julia
ABBEY Sally died Aug 5, 1828; 20y 
ABBEY William  died Sept 2, 1820; 52y
ABBEY W. A.  hand written initials on a stone
BRAY Cornelius died Sept 1858; 61y; h/o Mary CRANDALL
BRAY Mary  w/o Cornelius; nee CRANDALL
BRAY William died Dec 28, 1863; 26y,4m; s/o Aaron & Irene
BURNS John died Aug 2, 1849
BURNS Robert died Apr 6, 1869; 40y
GREENE Irving died July 27, 1840; s/o Moses & Jerusha
GREENE Jerusha 1770 - June 23, 1849; 79y; w/o Moses
GREENE Moses 1769 - Jan 22, 1855; 87y   h/o Jerusha
GREENE Olin died Mar 31, 1855; 13y; s/o Moses & Jerusha
GREENE Paul W. died Dec 6, 1854; 27y; s/o Moses & Jerusha
GREENE William C. died Mar 4, 1855; 24y;  s/o Moses & Jerusha
HAMILTON Hannah G. died 1841; 22y; w/o Andrew
HAWKINS William James died Aug 16, 1832; 1y,10m,22d; s/o Morrison & Lucy
HAWKS Deborah R.  died Nov 25, 1845; 39y w/o Dexter K.; d/o Samuel PITTS
HAWKS Dexter K. 1804 - Oct 6, 1866; 62y; h/o Deborah R. PITTS & Julia C.
HAWKS Julia C. 1811 - Nov 15, 1862; 51y; 2nd w/o Dexter K.
HAWKS Othello P. died Apr 10, 1832; 4y; s/o Dexter K. & Deborah R. (Pitts)
HAZEN Edward died Apr 27, 1838; 77y; h/o Mercy HASKELL
HAZEN Henry H. died Oct 25, 1812; 27y; War of 1812 Vet  -             [NO MARKER]
HAZEN Mercy died Oct 17, 1837; 70y; w/o Edward; nee HASKELL
HAZEN Wheeler E. died Apr 16, 1846; 61y
HENRY Celia 1810 - Jan 22, 1896; 86y; w/o Martin
HILBORN Amos R. died May 4, 1871; 46y,4m,13d
Mc CLURG Mary 1783 Ire - Sept 14, 1854; 71y,9m; w/o James
Mc CLURG Mary 1821 Ire - Feb 12, 1858; 37y w/o Wm.
MURREY Addie died Sept 21, 1865; 1y,9m,7d; twin d/o Robert & Jemima
MURREY Almeda died Sept 13, 1865; 1y,9m; twin d/o Robert & Jemima
NARACONG Polly died Oct 24, 1864; 69y; w/o Joseph
PERSONS Albert died Dec 8, 1846; 1y,4m,28d; s/o Anson J. & Loretta
PERSONS Anson J. Aug 8, 1808 - Sept 9, 1847; 39y,1m,1d  h/o Loretta
PERSONS Emer Jane died Nov 30, 1868; 32y,6m,7d; w/o Levi
PERSONS Loretta died Apr 11, 1846; 36y,1m,29d;  w/o Anson J.
PHELPS Alanson 1846 - June 11, 1855; 8y,8m
PHELPS Bernitha 1801 - Jan 26, 1881; 79y,8m,2d; w/o Daniel; nee HOPKINS
PHELPS Daniel 1801 - Feb 22, 1876; 74y,6m; h/o Bernitha HOPKINS
PHELPS Dewey 1834 - Oct 29, 1856; 21y,11m,9d
PHELPS D. P. Sept 7, 1822 or 1842   hand made stone  [research further]
PHELPS P. 1844; hand made stone
PHELPS Ransome H. 1833 - May 4, 1851; 18y,3m,18d
PITTS William   (Col) 1769 -  Mar 14, 1815; 47y;  War of 1812 Vet
PITTS William R. 1795 - Apr 23, 1829; 33y
RUSSELL Margaret died Feb 21, 1833; 68y; w/o Hamilton
SIBLEY Eber died 1813; 27y; War of 1812 Vet
SWAN Amos died May 9, 1846; 58y,2m,4d; h/o Casia
SWAN Casia died May 19, 1869; 77y,5m,27d; w/o Amos
SWAN Edwin  died Dec 8, 1851; 1y,7m,29d; s/o Seneca & Mary E.
SWAN George A. died July 26, 1863; 3y; s/o Seneca & Mary E.
TUBBS Austin S. died Aug 11, 1846;  s/o Seth Jr. & Sarah Ann
TUBBS Sarah Ann died Sept 16, 1846; 25y; 1st w/o Seth Jr. 
VOORHEES Adaline A. died Oct 10, 1844; 19y; d/o Gilbert & Emily (Beagle)
VOORHEES Eleanor S. died May 2, 1846; 11y,3m;  d/o Gilbert & Emily (Beagle)
VOORHEES Emily 1820 - May 5, 1899; 79y; w/o Gilbert; nee BEAGLE
VOORHEES Gilbert 1798 - Mar 13, 1871; 72y; h/o Emily BEAGLE
WHISKERS James Jan 9, 1812 - Nov 19, 1889; 77y; h/o Mary
WHISKERS Mary Apr 3, 1821 - Mar 3, 1892; 70y; w/o James
WHISKERS Mary Ann Sept 2, 1849 - Sept 12, 1859; 10y; d/o James & Mary Ann
WHISKERS William G. Feb 1, 1845 - Nov 7, 1864; 19y; s/o James & Mary Ann; Co. K., 15th Reg NYV - Civil War Vet

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