Coye Cemetery

Rt. 21 & Bopple Hill Rd.

South Bristol, NY


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ALFORD Angeline died Oct 26, 1888; 85y; w/o Rufus Sr.;              [obit]
ALFORD* Angeline H.  died Oct 10, 1848;  3y,7m,2d; d/o Josiah & Angeline  
ALFORD* Anna E.  1868 - 19??; w/o Edgar A.; nee SANDERS
ALFORD* Edgar A.  1862 - 1924; h/o Anna E. SANDERS; s/o Rufus & Phedoria
ALFORD* Phedora C. 1826 -  Dec 26, 1912; w/o Rufus W.; nee CROSBY; only dau: Etta (Alford) Holcomb [d.1900] [her name misspelled in obit as Fedora]
ALFORD* Floyd H.  Jan 24, 1869 - May 17, 1949; 80y; h/o Isa.; s/o Rufus & Phedoria; son: Harold & dau: Mrs. Ross Wright 
ALFORD* Harold F.  Dec 28, 1909 - Aug 9, 1962
ALFORD* Josiah  1799 - ????; h/o Angeline  [stone discarded near ditch]
ALFORD* Anna   (Isa?)  Jan 8, 1870 - Aug 24, 1920; 50y; w/o Floyd H.; nee DICKINSON; dau, Mrs. Ross Wright
ALFORD* Phedora  1826 - 1912; w/o Rufus
ALFORD* Rufus W.  Sept 17, 1828 - Mar 24, 1918; 84y; h/o Phedora CROSBY [m: 7/3/1856]; s/o Josiah & Angeline (Treat); sons: Edgar & Floyd  [obits varies on dob by one day]
ALLEN* Anna  1896 - 1947; nee COOPER
ARNOLD* Emma E.  1895 - 1979; w/o Ray B.
ARNOLD* Ray B.  Dec 15, 1904 - Nov 23, 1993; h/o Emma E.
BARRETT* A. Spencer  Sept 19, 1855 - Dec 16, 1941; 86y; h/o Libbie; s/o Capt Wm. Henry (CW Soldier); foster son: Warren B. Simmons of Bristol Springs; 3 sis
BARRETT* Clara E.  died Mar 4, 1892;  5y
BARRETT* Ellen  died Dec 1943; 88y; w/o Fred; nee LOWN; dau: Mrs. Herbert Mitchell; son: Roy Barrett
BARRETT* Fred  buried Apr 25, 1920;   h/o Ellen LOWN
BARRETT* Libbie  died abt 1938; w/o A. Spencer
BEASLEY Richard Mar 23, 1921 Picton, Canada - Sept 5, 1922; 1y,5m; s/o Richard
BEEMAN* Baby  died 1905;  7m
BEEMAN* Belinda  died Feb 27, 1895;  71y,2m,11d; w/o Gideon M.
BEEMAN* George R.  1878 - 1942
BEEMAN* Gideon M.  Dec 21, 1822 - Oct 23, 1862;  39y,10m,2d; h/o Belinda; Co. I, 107th NY Inf;  Civil War Vet; (2 markers)
BEEMAN* Hannah  1817 - 1901; w/o Nelson; nee TREMBLEY
BEEMAN* Henry M.  1842 - 1911; h/o Sarah A. 
BEEMAN* Julia Ann  died Oct 26, 1859;  5y,16d; d/o Nelson & Hannah (Trembley)
BEEMAN Luella 1860 - 1930
BEEMAN* Marion 1884 - 1946; nee COLLVER
BEEMAN* Nelson  1814 - 1887; h/o Hannah TREMBLEY; s/o Gideon & Patience
BEEMAN* Roscoe M.  1908 - 1928
BEEMAN* Sarah A.  1851 - June 16, 1929; 78y; w/o Henry M.; daus: Mrs. Harry Webster, Mrs. Harry Degan  & sons, Geo R. & LeRoy   [obits]
BERNER* Hattie F.  1868 - 1891; w/o L.A.; nee WOOD
BILLS* George  1874 - Nov 20, 1949; 75y
BILLS* Horace  1820 - 1888; h/o Sally SALISBURY & Susan
BILLS* Sally  1824 - 1864; w/o Horace; nee SALISBURY
BOPPEL* Catherine  1820 - Mar 16, 1889;  68y; w/o Sebastian
BOPPEL* Julia  Sept 17, 1869 Baden, Ger. - Apr 10, 1960; 90y; w/o Sebastian; nee SCHAUERER; no kids   [obit below]
BOPPEL* Sebastian  Jan 19, 1834 - Mar 11, 1909; 75y; h/o Julia SCHAUERER
BOYER* David S.  Aug 13, 1883 - Oct 31, 1968; 85y; h/o Elizabeth B.; son, Marshall; b/o Claude
BOYER* Elizabeth B.  Aug 5, 1883 - Mar 1976; 92y; w/o David  S.
BOYER James S. 1872 -  Nov 28, 1957; 85y 
BRIGGS* Albert O.  died Feb 19, 1856; 5 weeks; s/o G. A.  & A.
BRINK* Albert  1896 - 1951
BRINK Ellick Oct 24, 1861 - Mar 22, 1941; 79y; h/o Lillian CAREY; 13 kids; 53 grandkids; bro, James Brink; s/o Lewis A. & Electa Ann
BRINK* Lewis Alexander  1861 - Mar 22, 1941; 79y; h/o Lillian M.; bro, James; 5 daus, 8 sons
BRINK* Lillian M.  1877 - 1961; w/o Lewis Alexander; nee CAREY
BRINK* Walter John died Nov 11, 1939; 4m,9d; s/o Lewis & Viola (Hemus); gs/o M. & M. Ellick Brink and Mrs. Philander Reamer
BROMLEY* Barton W.  Feb 8, 1907 - Oct 21, 1987; h/o Jessie FOWLER
BROMLEY* Jessie  1908 - 1991; w/o Barton W.; nee FOWLER
BROMLEY* Robert E.  Mar 21, 1914 - Jan 30, 2003 DE
BURD* Elbert  Nov 7, 1872 - Dec 17, 1955; 83y; h/o Grace C.; 3 sons: Sydney, Norman & Gilbert; 1 sis, Inez Redner of Canandaigua
BURD* Grace C.  1880 - 1961; w/o Elbert
BURD Joyce Onalee Dec 5, 1954 - 1954;  inf d/o Gilbert J.; survived by 4 bros; her twin sis; her paternal & maternal grandparents
BURD Marcia A. died July 17, 1922; w/o?? g/sons: William and Peter Burd, Claude & Elbert A. Brand, Stuart Fuhrman and Austin Lee. [obit]
BURNHAM* John S.  1849 - Sept 6, 1918; h/o Lydia R. FURMAN
BURNHAM* Lydia R.  Apr 27, 1852 - Jan 7, 1937; 84y; w/o John S. [m:12/31/1869]; d/o Robert & Martha FURMAN; survived by 1 son, 6 dau, 1 dau Mrs. Hicks died 1926; bro, Samuel of TX [obit]
CARLSON* Mary Ann  1933 - 1988
CASEY* Grace M.  Feb 27, 1914 - Jan 31, 1968; w/o Thomas L.
CASEY* Thomas L.  Apr 1, 1913 - Mar 22, 1988; h/o Grace M.; US Navy - WW II Vet
CHILD* Alice M..  1860 - 1925; w/o George H.; nee WESLEY; dau, Cora [d. 1904]; bros: Wm, Orville & Charles; sisters: Betty & Lydia
CHILD George H.  May 11, 1854 - Jan 13, 1920; 65y; h/o Alice M. WESLEY [m:10/5/1880]; s/o George & Josephine; 3 bros, 2 sis
CLEVELAND* Frank Hicks  May 3, 1905 - Feb 7, 1932; 26y; s/o Myron J. & May (Hicks);  engaged to Miss Virginia Miller; grandma, Mrs. Frank F. Cleveland; sick for 7 yrs before his demise   [obit]
CLEVELAND* Martha Lydia  1907 - Sept 1915; 6y; d/o Frank & Martha
CLEVELAND* May H.  1887 - 1965; 78y; w/o Myron G.; nee HICKS
CLEVELAND* Myron G.  Mar 1, 1883 - Oct 23, 1951; 68y; h/o May HICKS s/o Frank & Martha  [cerebral hemorrhage] [obit]
COBB* Tryphena  died Dec 31, 1881; 85y,3m,18d; w/o Job
COOPER* Bert E.  July 24, 1900 - Mar 20, 1955; 54y; h/o ??? & Calla W.; US Army - WW I Vet
COOPER* Calla W.  1912 - 1988; 2nd w/o Bert E.; d/o Wm. & Harriet (Large) THOMPSON
CORNISH Pearl B. died May 20, 1916; w/o Fred; nee BARRETT    [obit below]
CORNISH* Lucy  Oct 11, 1850 - Mar 12, 1923 [obit]; 72y; w/o W. Allen [m: 3/10/1871] ; youngest of 11, to Levi & Catherine (Proprer) JOHNSON; 3 sons: Arthur, Fred & Geo.
CORNISH* W. Allen  1849 - 1935; h/o Lucy JOHNSON
COVEL* Cyrus J.  Nov 19, 1812 - Jan 10, 1855; 42y; h/o Lydia HOLCOMB; s/o Richard & Tryphena
COVEL* Lydia  R.  1818 - Dec 28, 1902; 84y; w/o Cyrus J.; ?? & Keziah (Wood) HOLCOMB; sis, Mrs. Ann Penoyer of Seneca Point; bro: F.C. Holcomb; son, T. Jefferson, & 2 daus: Mrs. Frank Wood & Mrs. Jeremiah Trickey   [obit]
COVEL Thomas Jefferson died May 7, 1912; 75y; h/o ???; s/o Cyrus 
COVELL* Alice H.  1847 - 1916; 69y; w/o Jefferson
COVELL* Jefferson  1836 - 1912; 76y; h/o Alice H.
COVERT* Cora Childs 1904 - Oct 3, 1904; inf d/o Irving G. & Cora M. (Child)
COVERT* Cora M.  1882 - 1904; 22y; w/o Irving G.; nee CHILD
COVERT* Ebenezer  Sept 3, 1817 - Nov 2, 1889; 72y; h/o Mercy; s/o Asher  [1 liner obit]
COVERT* George B.  1848 - 1909; h/o Naomi FOX
COVERT* Grace  Oct 29, 1880 - Nov 15, 1958; 78y;    [obit below]
COVERT* Irving G.  Mar 20, 1878 S. Bristol - Jan 9, 1948; 69y; h/o Cora M. CHILD; sis, Mrs. Grace Covert
COVERT* Mercy  June 1817 - Apr 18, 1906; 88y,10m,5d; w/o Ebenezer; son Geo; 2 daus, Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Charles Johnson   [obit]
COVERT* Naomi  1856 - 1935; w/o George B.; nee FOX
COYE* Almina L.  died Oct 15, 1852; 9y,5m,12d;  d/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia L. (Brown)
COYE* Amasa  Jan 15, 1812 - Oct 24, 1887;  75y,9m,9d; h/o Lucy Ann PORTER
COYE* twin inf Boy  1952 - 1952;   (funeral marker only)
COYE* Benjamin F.  1857 - 1926; h/o Mary E. GROOME
COYE* Clarence E.  died Aug 1872;  11y,8m,2d; s/o Horace T. & Adeline M.
COYE* Clark L.  1842 - Nov 6, 1877;  35y,4m,2d; h/o Sophia; s/o Amasa & Lucy Ann (Porter)
COYE* Clark L.  died July 23, 18?7;  32y,1m,15d
COYE* Cyrus  died Dec 24, 1870;  3y,2m,2d; s/o Amasa & Lucy Ann (Porter)
COYE* Cyrus  1886 - Mar 14, 1915; 28y,7m; h/o Julia; s/o Emmet A. & Josephine L.
COYE* David  1805 - July 7, 1890;  85y,1m,8d; h/o Eunice
COYE* Edgar A.  Nov 16, 1851 - June 21, 1913; s/o Amasa & Lucy Ann (Porter)
COYE* Ella I.  Sept 25, 1846 - Oct 18, 1852; 6y,23d; d/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia L. (Brown)
COYE* Elma E.  Oct 1, 1857 - Apr 8, 1858;  6m,7d; d/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia L. (Brown)
COYE* Elmer Nathan  Oct 22, 1853 - July 29, 1926; 72y; h/o Georgia J. CLAPP; s/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia (Brown); 3 sons, 2 daus; 2 bros, Wm. & Victor Clapp; 1 sis   [obit below]
COYE* Emma "Adelle"  July 19, 1887 - Feb 1979 FL;  "granddaughter"
COYE* Emmet A.  1855 - 1933; h/o Josephine L.
COYE* Eunice  died Jan 11, 1882;  73y,8m,29d; w/o David
COYE* Francis E.  died Apr 26, 18??;  2m,9d?; s/o Amasa & Lucy Ann (Porter)
COYE* Georgia J.  May 16, 1860 Eng - Apr 19, 1938; 77y; w/o Elmer Nathan  [m:2/10/1880]; d/o Charles & Emily (Tennant) CLAPP
COYE* Horace T.  1840 - Mar 21, 1872;  31y,8m,1d; h/o Adeline M.; s/o David & Eunice
COYE* Irene E. Sept 18, 1850 - Oct 17, 1852; d/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia (Brown)
COYE* James F.  1830 - 1901; h/o Lucina A.B.; s/o David & Eunice
COYE John Edward died Jan 7, 1945; 13m; s/o Keith C.; g/s of Julia Smith & Myrtle Rowe   [died in fire set by 3 yr old bro, David - obit below]
COYE* Josephine L.  1860 - 1924; w/o Emmet A.
COYE* Keith C.  Dec 12, 1912 - Nov 1979 FL; 66y
COYE* Lucina A. B.  Sept 28, 1828 - Sept 19, 1918; 89y, 11m, 21d;  w/o James F.
COYE* Lucy  May 29, 1809 - Mar 4, 1898; 88y; on stone w/Mercy; unwed d/o Luke & Mercy
COYE* Lucy Ann  Dec 17, 1820 - Jan 6, 1899; w/o Amasa; nee PORTER
COYE* Luke  Jan 27, 1765 CT - Feb 25, 1859;  94y,28d;  h/o Mercy; s/o Archibald & Elizabeth (Badger)
COYE* Lydia Laverna  June 8, 1819 - June 14, 1897; w/o Nathan H.; d/o Joseph & Sarah (Browne) BROWN
COYE* Mary E.  1859 - late June 1936; w/o Benjamin F.; nee GROOME
COYE* Mercy  died May 1, 1857;  73y,2m,25d; w/o Luke
COYE* Mercy  1820 - Mar 10, 1904; 83y; on stone w/Lucy; unwed; d/o Luke & Mercy
COYE* Nathan Hatch  May 22, 1817 - Apr 6, 1859;  41y, 10m, 15d; h/o Lydia Laverna BROWN
COYE* Orrin P.  1832 - July 28, 1855;  23y, 21d; s/o David & Eunice
COYE* Sabina E.  Jan 12, 1845 -  Oct 24, 1852;  7y,9m,26d; d/o Nathan Hatch & Lydia L. (Brown)
COYE* unknown1   
COYE* unknown2  --viba E.  2y, 
COYE* unknown3   
COYE Winifred S. May 27, 1889 - June 21, 1944; 55y; unwed; d/o Elmer N. & Georgia (Clapp); sis, Mrs. Geo. Demorest of Bristol Valley; bros: Nathan, Earle & Herbert
CRAFT* Clarissa  1815 - 1908; w/o ??; nee COVEL
CUSHING* Holly  Dec 28, 1949 - Dec 1981 CT; nee RAINES
DAGEN* John H.  1863 - 1938
DEGEN* Anna B.  1874 - 1932; w/o Henry J.
DEGEN* Fred M.  Feb 14, 1873 - Oct 1971 (funeral marker only)
DEGEN George M. died May 12, 1906; survived by his father, 2 sis, & 4 bros  [obit spelled as DAGEN]
DEGEN* Harry  Mar 21, 1892 - Apr 19, 1971; 79y; h/o Virginia THOMAS  [obit below]
DEGEN* Henry J.  Jan 17, 1867 - Dec 11, 1945; h/o Anna B.  [obit below]
DEGEN* Jack T.  Mar 14, 1922 - Dec 12, 1976
DEGEN Katherine Elizabeth died Aug 5, 1905; 76y; w/o ???; 4 daus, 6 sons (8 survive)
DEGEN* Margaret  1871 - 1956; (funeral marker)
DEGEN* Virginia  July 28, 1899 - Jan 5, 1955; 54y; w/o Harry; d/o Peltian & Margaret (Burlee) THOMAS; 1 dau- Mrs. Milton Wilcox, 1 son- Jack T.; mom: Mrs. (Margaret) Geo. H. Eldred; 2 sis, 2 bros  [obits
DE GROOTE* Lulu Ella 1867 - Apr 29, 1945; 73y; w/o Peter [m: 9/7/1897]; d/o Reuben & Elmyra BRAND; 1 dau, 1 son   [stone shows a surname of  MOSS]  
DE GROOTE* Peter  1871 Holland - 1930; h/o Lulu E. BRAND
DEMOREST* Elma E.   Nov 13, 1882 - May 30, 1946; w/o George
DEMOREST* George  Aug 4, 1883 - June 10, 1973;  89y; h/o Elma E.; 3 daus: Mrs. Larry Heath, Mrs. Grace Simmons & Mrs. Russel Veak; 2 sis: Mrs. Anna Simons & Mrs. Hazel Nickels   [obit]
DEMOREST inf son died or buried Nov 28, 1890;  s/o James & Ida       [one liner obit]
DOCTEUR* Deborah Mae  died Dec 30, 1960; infant
DOCTEUR* Freida G.  1929 - 1963; d/o Russell L. & Lena S.
DOCTEUR* Lena S.  1899 - 1965; w/o Russell
DOCTEUR* Russell L.  Dec 14, 1896 - Aug 1985; h/o Lena S.
DOMM* Barbara  1877 - 1945; w/o John
DOMM* Edward John  1903 - 1948; s/o John & Barbara
DOMM* Gideon F.  1902 - 1903; s/o John & Barbara
DOMM* John  1868 - 1947; h/o Barbara
DOUGHERTY* Edna  1878 - 1968; w/o James
DOUGHERTY* James  1881 - 1951; h/o Edna
DROWN* Betsey A.  died Feb 22, 1853 or 1855;  21y; w/o James E.
DROWN Frank E. Jan 9, 1860 - Jan 13, 1942; 81y; 
DROWN* Gilbert  died Sept 17, 1858;  59y,5m,12d; h/o Mary
DROWN* Mary   died Sept 11, 1851;  51y; w/o Gilbert
DUDLEY* Rosetta  Jan 16, 1879 - Apr 14, 1895; d/o Isaac & Frances J.
DUNTON* Lillian A.  Mar 10, 1898 - July 1978; w/o Norman L.
DUNTON* Norman L.  Mar 5, 1891 - Mar 11, 1971; 80y; h/o Lillian A.; 2 daus, 1 son, 2 bros
DUNTON Sarah died Feb 27, 1880; w/o Charles R.; d/o Allen CORNISH; 6 kids under 14y [typhoid pneumonia- obit]
DUNTON* Sheldon  Nov 7, 1881 - Feb 1977
DYER* Francis C.  Sept 16, 1924 - Jan 2, 1990; 65y; US Navy - WW II Vet (2 markers)
ECKHARDT* Elizabeth M.  Mar 8, 1849 Germany - Apr 10, 1931; w/o Henry; nee MILLER; adopted son Wm. Eckhardt
ECKART* [per obit] Henry  1850 Germany - Mar 31, 1929; 78y  h/o Elizabeth MILLER; son, Wm.
ECKERT* William  1887 - mid Aug 1949; 62y; s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Miller)
ERB* Helen L. June 24, 1927 - May 12, 2005; w/o  Arthur HOKE (d. 1986) & William H. ERB; d/o Charles KUNES
EVARTS* Rhodes S.   1883 - 1933; h/o Elizabeth 
EVARTS* Ruth L.  1902 - June 13, 1913; 11y; d/o Rhodes & Elizabeth
EVARTS* Victor L.  Sept 3, 1907 - Dec 28, 1985
FARNSWORTH* Allen A.  1867 - 1931; h/o Minnie M.; s/o Henry & Drusilla
FARNSWORTH* Minnie M.  1870 - 1967; w/o Allen A.
FELLOWS* Daniel Grove May 20, 1848 - Jan 19, 1926 of stroke; 77y; h/o Emma J. BEEMAN [m:11/4/1866]; (daus: Nora [d.1891] & Mrs. Geo. Beeman & 2nd w - Hattie R. MOSS [m:4/9/1877]; s/o Joseph E. & Esther C. (Moss) [obit]
FELLOWS* Emma J.   died Jun 15, 1872; 1st w/o Daniel G.; nee BEEMAN
FELLOWS* Esther C.  Mar 14, 1820 - June 8, 1897; w/o Joseph E.; nee MOSS
FELLOWS* Hattie R. 1852 - May 2, 1933; 81y; 2nd w/o Daniel G; nee MOSS; sis, Mrs. Peter DeGroote  [obit]
FELLOWS* Joseph Evander  Aug 14, 1819 - Dec 13, 1890; 71y; h/o Esther C. MOSS; s/o Linus & Lydia 
FELLOWS Lorinus K. died Feb 13, 1892; 48y;  h/o ???; s/o Joseph E. & Esther (Moss); 2 kids   [invalid - obit] 
FELLOWS* Nora E.  1869 - Aug 13, 1891;  22y; d/o Daniel G. & Emma J.;    [invalid  & consumption - obit] 
FLADD* Grace E.  Jan 9, 1911 - May 1981; w/o Harold J.
FLADD* Harold J.  Apr 18, 1911 - May 1987 Yates Co., NY; h/o Grace E.; s/o Fred & Emma
FOX* George D.  Sept 1897 - 1905; s/o Henry W. & Minnie
FOX* Harry  May 1896 - Sept 2, 1902;  6y,4m; s/o Henry W. & Minnie 
FOX* Henry W.  Oct 1870 - 1903; h/o Minnie (b,1869 Eng. on 1900 census); s/o Joseph & Sarah A. (Wilkinson) 
FOX* Joseph  July 16, 1829 Eng  - Sept 16, 1912; h/o Sarah A. WILKINSON & Elizabeth (of Eng)
FOX* Mary A. 1867 Eng - 1909; unwed; d/o Joseph & Sarah A. (Wilkinson) 
FOX* Sarah  1862 Eng - 1962; unwed;  d/o Joseph & Sarah A. (Wilkinson) 
FOX* Sarah A.  Dec 25, 1822 Eng - Dec 4, 1896; 73y,11m; nee WILKINSON; 1st w/o Joseph
FREEMAN* Kenneth H.  Mar 27, 1920 - Apr 14, 1936
FREEMAN* Ruth A.  July 20, 1937 - June 8, 1939; 22m; d/o Samuel  [short obit]
FREEMAN* Samuel P.  Apr 13, 1882 - Jan 15, 1958; 75y; h/o Emma SHEPARD; 3 daus, 4 sons; bros: Roderick & Robert
GARDNER* Adelbert Almon  Jan 1856 - 1936; h/o Luella BEEMAN; s/o Isaac
GARDNER* Aulda L.  May 10, 1893 - Sept 17, 1944; 51y; h/o Lulu FOX; s/o Adelbert A. & Luella (Beeman); 2 daus, 1 son, 1 sis, Mrs. Nellie Huff of Livonia; bro, Howard of Syracuse
GARDNER* Howard M.  1882  - 1953; h/o Eva (1910) Edna (1920) & Nellie G. HUFF
GARDNER* Luella  1860 - 1930; w/o Adelbert Almon; nee BEEMAN
GARDNER* Lulu  1892 - 1979; w/o Aulda L.; nee FOX
GARDNER* Nellie G.  1877 - 1960; w/o Howard; nee HUFF
GARNER* Abigail  1846 - July 11, 1924; 75y; w/o Moses; nee GILBERT; son- Fred, dau-Mrs. Edith Reeve of IL.; sis: Mrs. Irene Stend?  [of apoplexy] [obit]
GARNER* Moses  1852 - 1916; h/o Abigail GILBERT;  3rd IL. Calv.- Civil War Vet
GELDER* Elias Apr 9, 1862 - Aug 20, 1942
GELDER* Grace E.  July 7, 1912 - Feb 3, 2002
GELDER* James B.  July 1876 - Nov 20, 1942; 66y; h/o Lina E. SHERMAN [m:2/22/1899]; s/o Robert & Phoebe  (Fenton); son, Dr. Robert; daus: Mrs. Stern Lyon &Miss Grace; sis: Mrs. Heber Hyde;   [obit]
GELDER* Lina E.  May 4, 1878 - Mar 26, 1943; 64y; w/o James B.; d/o Hiram & Elvira  (Kelsey) SHERMAN; 2 daus, 1 son   [obit]
GELDER* Nettie H.  Aug 30, 1879 - Nov 7, 1887;  8y; d/o Robert Edson & Phebe A. (Fenton)
GELDER* Phoebe A.  Dec 20, 1846 - July 14, 1922;  75y;  w/o Robert Edson [m:3/23/1870]; d/o James & Harriet FENTON; son James & 3 daus  [obit]
GELDER* Robert Edson  Dec 15, 1841 - Dec 28, 1903; 62y; h/o Phebe A. FENTON; s/o Barnard & Ellen (Marshall)
GENIER* Blythe  Dec 18, 1930 - June 8, 1984; nee BROMLEY
GERSTNER* Donald R.  1946 - 1990; h/o Susan RILEY
GERSTNER* Susan   w/o Donald R.; nee RILEY
GLICKERT* Charles C.  1879 - 1900; s/o John B. & Eva Barbara (Miller)
GLICKERT* Eva Barbara  1842 - 1897; w/o John; nee MILLER
GLICKERT* John B.  1838 - Apr 13, 1906; 67y; h/o Eva Barbara MILLER; [died of paralysis]
GLICKERT* Justin Jr.  1927 - 1965
GOFF* Jessie R.  1887 - 1932; w/o William F.
GOFF* Laura K.  Dec 11, 1914 - Mar 14, 1988; w/o Lyle K.
GOFF* Lyle K  Oct 4, 1909 - Nov 1967; h/o Laura K.
GOFF* Virgil K.   Aug 22, 1913 - Jan 1980; US Army - WW II Vet
GOFF* William F.  1882 - 1947; h/o Jessie R.
GOODING* Edwin   Aug 9, 1903 - Feb 1987 Nassau Co., NY; 83y; h/o Fern S.
GOODING* Elias J.  Apr 9, 1862 - Aug 21, 1942; 80y; h/o Cora M. HICKS [d 1903] & Mrs. Mary L. (Gelder) HUGHSON (dau of Robert GELDER); s/o Edwin & Fildelia (Crooker); son Edwin survives
GOODING* Fern S.  1911 - 1952; w/o Edwin
GOODING* May L.  1872 - late Apr1923; 50y; 1st w/o  George Ellis HUGHSON; 2nd w/o Elias J. Gooding; d/o Robert Edson & Phebe A. (Fenton) GELDER   [on Hughson stone]
GRIESA* Mary  1876 - 1953; w/o Fred; d/o John STEMPEL [sis to Capt. George Stempel]
HALEY* Carrie  1897 - 1951
HANSEN* Doris W.  1925 - no data
HAWKINS* Abigail  1800 - 1872; w/o Benson; nee PERRY
HAWKINS Angeline May 12, 1869 - May 4, 1926; 57y; w/o John B.; d/o Isaac & Eliza (Holcomb) HICKS; daus: Miss Emma & Mrs. Howard Mansfield; sons: Frank, Arthur & Perry
HAWKINS* Arthur B.  June 12, 1905 - May 1980 Naples; h/o Marion FOX
HAWKINS* Benson  1803 - Jan 1884; 81y; h/o Abigail PERRY [1884 necrology- Neapolitan Record 1/7/1885]
HAWKINS* Benson T.  1835 - buried Jan 15, 1914; 78y; h/o Dorothy A. PERRY & Lucinda I. SHERMAN [bought his monu in 1908] [short obit]
HAWKINS* Dorothy A.  1848 - May 23, 1884; 36y; 1st w/o Benson T; nee PERRY  [obit below]
HAWKINS* Edwin L.  1861 - 1864; s/o Benson T. & Dorothy A. (Perry)
HAWKINS* Emma A.  May 21, 1893 - May 1978
HAWKINS* John Benson May 1, 1866 - Nov 12, 1940; 74y; h/o Angeline HICKS; s/o Benson T. & Dorothy A. (Perry)  
HAWKINS* Lisa  died 1965; infant
HAWKINS* Lucinda I. 1844 - Oct 7, 1905; 2nd w/o Benson T.; nee SHERMAN  [badly written obit - long but detail of family names missing]
HAWKINS* Marion  1904 - 1961; w/o Arthur B.; nee FOX
HAWKINS* Ruth A.  Apr 27, 1905 - Mar 5, 2002; w/o Arthur B.; burial in Cuba cemetery
HAYES* Fred Apr 1835 Ire - 1905; h/o Jane
HAYES* Jane  May 1835 Ire - 1906; w/o Fred
HEMENWAY* Charles G.  Aug 28, 1823 - Nov 26, 1890; 67y; h/o Harriet S. DAVIS
HEMENWAY* Edith  Sept 24, 1874 - Oct 13, 1917; 43y; w/o William Chauncey; nee RICKETSON  [mom of Herbert & Clara] [she had typhoid fever]    [obits]
HEMENWAY* Harriet S.  Nov 26, 1823 - Oct 10, 1899; 75y; w/o Charles G.; nee DAVIS; son Geo. B.  [obit]
HEMENWAY* Herbert Gamalia  Oct 3, 1848 - July 21, 1884; 35y; h/o Mary M. INGRAHAM
HEMENWAY* Mary M. Sept 26, 1849 - May 13, 1931; 81y; w/o Herbert Gamalia; d/o Chauncey Fethergill & Polma Elizabeth (Clark) INGRAHAM
HEMENWAY* William Chauncey  Apr 1, 1872 - Feb 1, 1959 Rensselaer, NY; 86y; h/o Edith RICKETSON; s/o Herbert G. & Mary M.; dau: Mrs. Clara Stark & son, Herbert, of TX
HENION* Elizabeth  1803 - Mar 11, 1869;  66y; w/o Tunis; nee COYE        
HERZBERG* Carl  July 14, 1897 - Sept 1987; h/o Maria
HERZBERG* Harry  1924 - ????; h/o Winifred M.R.R.; s/o Carl & Maria
HERZBERG* Henry  (Pvt) Apr 21, 1894 - Nov 5, 1918 Belgium; 24y; s/o Otto F. & Katherine; bro, Carl, 2 sis: Mrs. Edna Jaycox & Miss Amelia; Co. L., 147th Inf, 37th Div - WW I Vet   [bronchial pneumonia]  [obits]
HERZBERG* Katherine  (Marie) Mar 5, 1869 Germany - Dec 11, 1938; 69y; w/o Otto F. [m: 12/30/1890]; d/o Jacob F. & Verna (Kneuslin) ZAHNER; 3 daus, Mary H (died young); Miss Amelia &  Mrs. Edna Jaycox;  2 sons - Carl & Henry (Henry died in WW1); bros: Ernest & Theodore Zahner   [1 obit gives her name as Marie; other obit as Katherine; headstone gives name of Katherine]
HERZBERG* Maria  1894 - 1967; w/o Carl
HERTBERG* Mary  1891 - 1897; d/o Otto F. & Katherine
HERZBERG* Otto F. (J of P) Apr 13, 1870 Heepen, Germany - May 17, 1941; 71y; h/o Katherine; a sis in Germany; daus: Mrs. Ola Jaycox & Mrs. Herman Asseldt; son Carl & 2 dau
HERZBERG* Winifred M.R.R.  1927 - ????; w/o Harry
HERZOG* Charles G.  Mar 29, 1892 - Nov 13, 1978; h/o Helena
HERZOG* Helena  Apr 9, 1896 - Feb 13, 1980; w/o Charles G.
HICKMAN* Kenneth C.D.  Feb 4, 1890 Eng - Nov 3, 1979
HICKS* Albert M.  Mar 1, 1907 - Jan 13, 1982; US Army - W W II Vet
HICKS* Carrie E.  1867 - 1920; 2nd w/o Elwin J.; nee WOOD
HICKS Elwin 1837 - 1892; h/o Ida  [stone missing; no obit found]  
HICKS* Elwyn J.  Mar 18, 1861 S. Bristol - Aug 30, 1929 Waterloo; 68y; h/o Ida HOTCHKISS & Carrie E. WOOD; s/o Jacob Martin & Betsy Ann     [obit below]
HICKS* H. Frank Jr.  June 30, 1923 - ????; h/o Joanne GLENNIE
HICKS* Ida  died Apr 11, 1892;  23y; 1st w/o Elwin;  nee HOTCHKISS
HICKS infant abt Sept 15,  1896; child of Theron
HICKS* Joanne  Aug 21, 1923 - Apr 5, 1999; w/o H. Frank Jr.; nee GLENNIE
HICKS* Marian S.  Feb 18, 1902 - May 8, 1997;   (on stone w/Beatrice A. Sanders)
HICKS* Martha  1853 - 1922; nee SANDERS
HICKS* Ruth  died Oct 3, 1891; infant d/o Elwin & Ida
HICKS Mrs. Theron died Jun 28, 1922 E. Rochester; 68y;10m
HOKES* Helen  1927 - 2005; w/o ??;  d/o Charles A. & Helen B. KUNES
HOLCOMB* Belle D.  Mar 28, 1875 - Nov 1967 Monroe Co., NY; 'mother';  widowed in 1900
HOLCOMB* Carlton G.  Dec 7, 1932 - July 8, 2006 Rochester, NY
HOLCOMB* Charity   1802 - 1869; w/o Hiland; nee CROCKER
HOLCOMB* Clark M.  1850 - 1909; h/o Etta A. & ; s/o Hiland & Charity (Crocker)
HOLCOMB* Dellia  "Dellie"  died Mar 21, 1875; 7y,3m,4d; d/o Lyman A. & Mary E.
HOLCOMB Elizabeth A. died Aug 25, 1921; 83y; w/o Frederick C.; dau: Mrs. A.A. Farnsworth; 3 sons: Fred B. Frank F & Clinton N.   [obits]
HOLCOMB Esther died Nov 8, 1906; w/o Wm. R.; sons: Walter & Hiram; daus: Mrs. Emma ??  & Mrs. Frank Castle  [died of appendicitis]
HOLCOMB* Etta A.  1857 - June 1895; 38y; w/o Clark M.; d/o Rufus ALFORD; many young children
HOLCOMB Fred B. re look up obit for FRED
HOLCOMB* Frederick Winthrop  died Nov 22, 1876; 87y; h/o Kezia WOOD; s/o Roderick & Rebecca (Winthrop)
HOLCOMB* Floyd  1892 - 1907;  15y; s/o Clark M. & Etta A.
HOLCOMB* George W.  Feb 1894 - 1956; h/o Rosamond DOUGLASS; s/o Clark M. & Etta A.
HOLCOMB* Harriet M.  died Jan? 29?, 1859; 23y,8m,27d; w/o Frederick C. 
HOLCOMB* Hiland  1806 CT - 1890; 84y; h/o Charity CROCKER
HOLCOMB Ida died Mar 23, 1930 Clifton Springs; 75y; unwed; d/o Harland & Charity (Crocker) [she is the last of the 10 children of H & C] [obit]
HOLCOMB* James  1846 - summer 1898 MI; 52y; s/o Hiland & Charity (Crocker);  unwed; b/o Fred W. & Wm. R.; Co. K, 1st NY Dragoons - Civil War Vet
HOLCOMB* Joseph  Jan 20, 1914 - July 1986 Seneca Co., NY
HOLCOMB* Joseph E.  1852 - 1853; s/o Hiland & Charity (Crocker) 
HOLCOMB* Kezia  died Sept 1, 1869;  75y,10m; w/o Frederick Winthrop; nee WOOD
HOLCOMB* Lillian  no data
HOLCOMB* Lucy Kenny  1895 - Sept 19, 1904 NJ;  w/o Wm. W; 2 daus
HOLCOMB* Lyman A.  1845 - 1931; h/o Mary E.
HOLCOMB* Marinda  1842 - 1892; d/o Hiland  & Charity; unwed  "aunt"
HOLCOMB* Maude H.  no data; nee MAC COON
HOLCOMB* Mary E.  1848 - 1931; w/o Lyman
HOLCOMB Mrs. ??? died June 14, 1897; 78y,6d; w/o Wm. R.
HOLCOMB* Rosamond  Sept 13, 1898 - Nov 1981; w/o George W.; nee DOUGLASS
HOLCOMB(E)* William Roderick 1834 - late Dec 1918; 84y; 'father'; his bro, Clark; 4 young children
HOLCOMB* William W.  died prior to 1904; h/o Lucy KENNY
HOLCOMBE Lucy Teresa Dec 2, 1865 Buffalo - Sept 19, 1931 NJ; 65y; w/o Willis W.; d/o Charles G. & Lucy Harriett (Kennedy) BRADY; 
HOLCOMBE* Rose B.  no data
HOLCOMB(E) Willis died July 21, 1912; 51y; h/o Lucy T. BRADY;  s/o Elizabeth A.; b/o Fred; daus: Miss Maude & Miss Rose
HUFF Nellie M. Aug 26, 1877 Academy -  Aug 2, 1960 Rochester, NY; 82y,11m; d/o Adelbert & Luella (Beeman) GARDNER; sons: Gardner & Norman   [obit]
HUGHSON* George Ellis  Dec 27, 1864 - Oct 21, 1904; 40y; 1st h/o May  GELDER; s/o Leonard & Emma (Moss); sis, Mrs. John Heller;   [obit below- consumption] 
HULSE* Lizzie E.  1871 - 1905; 34y;w/o James H.
JACOBSEN* Jessie  1864 - 1940; 76y; nee COTES
JAKOB* Viola F.  1883 - Jan 6, 1915; 31y; w/o Thomas; d/o Augustus MEHLENBACKER; 4 sis, 1 bro;  [obit states died in child birth & mis-spelled surname as 'Jacobs']
JOHNSON Florence H. died late July 1935; w/o ??; nee HICKS
JOHNSON* George B.  1832 - Apr 6, 1909; 77y; unwed; s/o Levi; 1 bro & 3 sis survive him;  Co. B. 126th NY Vol Inf - Civil War Vet
KELLSY* Olive W.  Mar 14, 1818 - Nov 19, 1900 [buried on 23rd]; 82y; w/o Solomon; daus: Mrs. H.C. Sherman and Mrs. Martin Smith; sis, Mrs. LeGrand Hughson   [obit spells surname as Kelsey- headstone as Kellsy]
KELLSY* Solomon  D Nov 15, 1805 - Oct 1, 1873; h/o Olive W.; s/o Solomon & Anna
KENNEDY* Barbara M. 1931
KENNEDY* William A.  1926
KIDMAN* Franklin  1879 - 1933; 54y; h/o Laura; s/o George S. & Sarah A.
KIDMAN* Frederick S.  1883 - Sept 20, 1934; 51y; h/o ???; father of 6   [obit]
KIDMAN* George A.  Nov 30, 1903 - Mar 15, 1952; 49y; h/o Ramona COVERT & 5 sisters  [obit below]
KIDMAN* George J.  Feb 1872 - late Apr 1939; 67y; h/o Nettie C.; 5 daus & 1 son; s/o George S. & Sarah A. [murdered his wife, Nettie in 1929]  [obit]
KIDMAN* George S.  Jan 10, 1833 England - Nov 29, 1896; 63y; h/o Sarah A.  [obit below]
KIDMAN* Howard F. Sept 15, 1905 - Jan 1971 Seneca Co., NY
KIDMAN* Laura A.  1877 - Mar 3, 1963; 86y; w/o Franklin; d/o Edward & Emma (Stidd) Murphy; no children
KIDMAN* Nettie M  Nov 1871 - Apr 1929; w/o George J. [beaten & shot to death by husb] [headstone has Nettie C]
KIDMAN* Sarah A.  Nov 13, 1847 England - Sept 25, 1893; w/o George S.
KIDMAN* Winifred L.  1879 - 1952
KIMBER* Emma M.  1848 - 1920; w/o John L.; nee WARD
KIMBER* John L.  1844 - Dec 17, 1901; h/o Emma M. WARD; s/o Joseph & Mary  [1 liner obit]
KING Ellen J. died Apr 30, 1942; 76y; w/o John; nee JOHNSON; daus: Mrs. Martha Burns & Mrs. Ruth Boise
KISTNER Andrew 1878 Springwater -  June 9, 1939; 3 bros: Edward Sick, Geo & Philip Kistner
KISTNER* Charles A.M.  Apr 26, 1891 - Apr 1, 1905; 14y; s/o Philip; 5 bros,1 sis [died of inflammatory arthritis] [obit]
KISTNER* George  Dec 27, 1885 - Dec 17, 1969
KISTNER* Louisa  Mar 26, 1847 - July 17, 1921; w/o Jacob Sick [d 1872] & Philip Kistner; nee WOLFANGER, her son, Ed Sick & 5 sons, 1dau Kistner
KISTNER* Mary A.  July 5, 1884 - Mar 30, 1973; 88y;
KISTNER* Philip  Mar 8, 1841 Bavaria - July 14, 1921; 80y; 2nd h/o Louisa WOLFANGER Sick [m: 3/30/1875]; 6 sons, 1 dau
KISTNER Philip Nov 3, 1884 - Mar 3, 1946; 61y; s/o Philip & Louisa (Wolfanger) Sick/Kistner; bro Geo; 1/2 bro, Edward Sick;   [short obit]
KORNBAU* Christina   Nov 20, 1836 Prussia - Jan 6, 1910; 73y; w/o Conrad; nee MEHLENBACHER
KORNBAU* Conrad  June 1, 1835 Prussia - May 24, 1917; 81y; h/o Christina MEHLENBACHER;  sons: Geo, Agustus & Jacob; daus: Mrs. Newton Rogers & ???  [obits]
KORNBAU* Floyd H.  1921 - 1993
KORNBAU Franziska  (Nurse) died Feb 24, 1959; 83y; unwed; d/o Conrad & Christina (Mehlenbacher); nephew, Howard Kornbau  [several obits]
KORNBAU* Henry E.  1874 - Oct 1900 [typhoid fever]; h/o Ida CORNISH [m:2/9/1898] (d/o Adelmon) (Ida was alive in Aug 1941); s/o Conrad & Christina M.  [short obit]
KORNBAU infant buried Sept 7, 1895; child of Will
KORNBAU* Maurice J.  Jan 9, 1912 - Sept 18, 1955; 41y; h/o Connie; s/o Jacob F. & Lillian (Dorrance); 2 daus: Miss Patricia & Miss Rose; 5 sisters;  US Army 3340th  QM Truck Co. - W W II Vet -  Purple Heart recipient  {several obits}
KUNES* Charles A.  May 6, 1906 - May 28, 2006; h/o Helen B. & 
KUNES* Helen B.  1906 - 1929; 23y; 1st w/o Charles A.
LACEY* Mary Ann 1868 -  Feb 16, 1904; 35y; w/o Henry; nee FOX; sis: Mrs. Covert; bros: John & Joseph Fox & a 2yr old dau;  [paralysis of brain] 
LAFLER Jennie R. died Nov 24, 1932; w/o Theodore L.  (is this Jennie R. NARACONG, listed as his wife on 1920 census?)  [obit]
LANSING* Emma M.  Mar 1875 - 1939; 64y; h/o Henry Livingston; nee LANGTON
LAWS* Eleanor R.  (Nurse) Dec 1, 1890 - Sept 9, 1953; 62y; w/o Thomas; d/o Wm.  T. & Henrietta (Beeman) TRICKEY; bro, Warren E. Trickey   [obit]
LINCOLN* Eunice  died Jan 6, 1878; 35y,9m,2d
LOWN* Henry A.  died Aug 12, 1852; 7y,4m,15d; s/o Jacob & Sarah
LOWN* Henry W.  died 1865;  32y; Co. H., 4th Reg Heavy Art.- Civil War Vet
LYON* Lois G.  Dec 1906 - June 5, 1949; 42y; w/o Stern A. [m: Dec 1935]; son, James;  d/o James B. & Lina GELDER; sis, Miss Grace Gelder; bro, Dr. Robert Gelder, son, James   [obit]
LYON* Stern A.  Oct 22, 1906 - Aug 4, 1973 Binghamton, NY; h/o Lois GELDER & Sarah; s/o Leonard & Mila; bro: Ellis;  son: James Lym & 2 step daus;   [obit]
MAC COON* Maude H.  no data; listed on Holcomb stone
MACOMBER* Ange M.  died June 14, 1869;  3y,2m,28d; d/o LR & M? 
MARCELLUS Mrs. Charles died Mar 15, 1910 Saratoga; w/o Charles L. 
MARTIN* Elva A.   died July 9, 1886;  53y,4m; w/o Edwin. nee HAWKINS
MEHLENBACHER* Augustus  1847 - 1925; h/o Harriet A.
MEHLENBACHER* Gertrude  Oct 21, 1887 - Mar 2, 1953; 65y; w/o Henry A.; d/o Ernest & Ernestine (Heddiger) GRAFF; dau: Mrs. Lewis  B Mills; 2 grandkids: Marlene & Edward Mills
MEHLENBACHER* Harriet A.  May 15, 1849 - Oct 3, 1895; w/o Augustus
MEHLENBACHER* Henry A.  Feb 1, 1887 - Mar 13, 1974; h/o Gertrude GRAFF
MIDDLEBROOK* Arthur  June 4, 1899 - Oct 1965
MIDDLEBROOK* Cecil E.  Feb 3, 1922 - May 5, 1973; 51y; unwed  [3 sis: Mrs. Rosalie Nudd, Mrs. Rita King & Mrs. Daniel Leverty] 
MIDDLEBROOK* E.  1861 - 1908
MIDDLEBROOK* George H Mar 3, 1876 - Apr 2, 1943; 67y; unwed; bros: Wm. & Robert  [obit]
MIDDLEBROOK* Lena N.  1902 - 1959
MIDDLEBROOK* Rosa Ann  Sept 19, 1888 - Dec 1985
MILLER* Eliza S.  Apr 11, 1853 - May 29, 1931; 78y; w/o Franklin [m: 3/14/1872] ; d/o Dennis W. & Sarah S. (Wood) PIERCE;  son, Walter   [obit]
MILLER* Emma  1875 Germany - Nov 28, 1957; 82y; w/o George; nee AHERNS  [obit below]
MILLER* Franklin  Dec 29, 1847 - July 3, 1933; 85y; h/o Eliza S. PIERCE;  sons Willis [deceased] & Walter
MILLER* George  Nov 16, 1839 Germ.- June 27, 1911; 71y; h/o Lena (deceased); sons, Geo (alive) &John (deceased)  [obit]
MILLER* George  1872 - 1945; h/o Emma AHEARNS
MILLER* J. Edward  Aug 26, 1906 - Oct 20, 1999; 93y; s/o George Jr. & Emma (Aherns)
MILLER* John George  Aug 31, 1891 - Apr 28, 1895; 4y; s/o John M. & Bertha
MILLER* John M.  (Capt) Mar 5, 1868 - May 3, 1895; 27y; h/o Bertha; s/o George & Lena; b/o George;  [John's wife & child, ill]       [obit]
MILLER Lena died Jan 31, 1887;  44y,8m,9d; w/o George   [no stone found]
MILLER* Marion E.  1901 - 1903; d/o George Jr. & Emma
MILLER* Walter S.  died Dec 28, 1876; s/o Franklin & Eliza S. (Pierce)
MILLER* Willis J.  Dec 8, 1875 - Apr 29, 1913 Buffalo; 37y; s/o Franklin & Eliza S. (Pierce)  [obit]
MOORE* Elizabeth  "Lizzie" Apr 30, 1868 - Sept 26, 1895; nee DEGEN
MORGAN* Constance  1922 - 1964; nee CANFIELD; gd/o Jessie Jacobson   [see note below]
MOSS* Betsey  died Aug 13, 1878;  86y; w/o Elihu
MOSS* Elihu died Aug 13, 1878; h/o Betsey
MURPHY* Edward  1840 - 1911; h/o Emma J. STID;  Co. D., 33rd Reg NYV - Civil War Vet  [2 stones]
MURPHY* Edward A.  1885 - 1951
MURPHY* Emma J.  1859 - 1924; w/o Edward; nee STID
MURPHY* Hollis B.  May 24, 1915 - Mar 1987 AZ; h/o Marion B.
MURPHY* Mabel C.  Mar 13, 1887 - Feb 1970
MURPHY* Marion B.  Apr 29, 1916 - Nov 22, 2002; w/o Hollis B.
MUSNICKI* Agnes M.  1921 -  ; w/o William W. Jr.; nee KING
MUSNICKI* William W. Jr.  Oct 22, 1926 - Apr 4, 1997; h/o Agnes M. KING
NARACONG* Baby   3m
NARACONG* Cyrus   1877 - 1888;  11y
NARACONG* Jennie A.  1867 - Nov 24, 1932;  w/o Theodore F. LAFLER   [see above]
NASH* Eunice A.  1854 - ????; w/o Willis C.; nee WOOD
NASH* Harold L.  June 7, 1906 - Feb 1983
NASH* Willis C.  1863 - 1907; 44y; h/o Eunice A. WOOD
NIECE* Amanda H.  died Mar 16, 1881;  58y; w/o Lyman D.
NIECE* Clark A.  1855 - July 1927; h/o Sarah; s/o Lyman D. & Amanda H.
NIECE* Lyman D.  died Apr 10, 1875;  56y,6m,6d; h/o Amanda H.
NIECE* Lyman W.  died Sept 7, 1852;  8y,7m,22d; s/o Lyman D. & Amanda H.
NORTHROP Frederick 1808 - Jan 1884; 75y; [from Cribb & Tozer Undertakers list]
NORTHROP* Isaac 1845 - Dec 1, 1917; 71y; h/o Sarah; Co. C., 126th NY Vol - Civil War Vet
NORTHROP* Sarah   Dec 25, 1849 - Mar 13, 1897; w/o Isaac (poss separated or divorced)
NORTHROP* William   Feb 1840 - Sept 8, 1913; 73y;  unwed;  Co. F. 23rd NY Inf -  Civil War Vet  [obit below]
NUDD* Bonnie Lee  Apr 17, 1956 - Jan 2, 1983 (2 markers)
NUDD* Clarabelle F.  1932 -   ; w/o Leslie Gene
NUDD* J. Rosalie  1938 -   ; w/o Larry Robert
NUDD* Larry Robert  1933 - 1977; h/o J. Rosalie
NUDD* Leslie Gene  Dec 29, 1931 - Feb 1983; h/o Clarabelle F.;  US Army - Korean War Vet  (2 markers)
NUDD* Linda Lou Dec 12, 1954 - Feb 5, 1955; inf d/o Leslie & Claribel (Brink); gd/o Mr. & Mrs.  Lewis Brink of E. Bloomfield & Mr. & Mrs. Roland R. Nudd of Canandaigua
NUDD* Robert Larry  June 24, 1963 - Aug 29, 1963; 9 wks; s/o Larry Robert & J. Rosalie (Middlebrook); sis: Paula; bro: Jeffrey; g'parents: Arthur Middebrook, Roland Nudd   [obit]
NUDD* Sharon M.  1958 - 1958
O'NEIL (L) John died Mar 2, 1926; 57y; h/o Susie Grace ROPER; 2 daus, 2 sons  [killed on train tracks -obit below]
O' NEILL* Catharine  1826 - 1899
O'NEILL Susie Grace died Nov 6, 1938; 69y; w/o John; nee ROPER; 2 bros: Geo. F. Roper & John F. Roper;  2 sons, 2 daus  [obit below]
ORMAN* Amelia A.  1866 - 1936; w/o Simeon F.
ORMAN* Simeon F.  1860 - May 1926; h/o Amelia A. [obit below]
PARSONS* Georgiana  1841 - 1912; w/o Levi
PARSONS* Levi 1832 -  Oct 6, 1895; 63y; h/o Georgiana; Co. G, 148th NY Inf.; Civil War Vet
PERRY* Emma J.  Oct 19, 1875 - Aug 3, 1892; 17y; d/o E. Harvey & Jane;   [obit]
PERRY* Mary A.  died Jan 26, 1897;  73y; w/o John
PIERCE* Dennis W.  Oct 22, 1806 - Mar 4, 1896; h/o Sarah S.
PIERCE* Earle A.  Oct 13, 1884 - Oct 29, 1956; 72y; h/o Julia A. TRICKEY; s/o Warren L & Esther (Ingraham); sons: Clifford & Kenneth; daus: Mrs. Howard Deuel & Mrs. Roger Nichols; bros: Burnette & Floyd
PIERCE* Ellen M.  1851 - 1925; d/o Dennis W. & Sarah S.
PIERCE* Julia A.  Dec 12, 1882 - Oct 5, 1970; w/o Earle A.; nee TRICKEY
PIERCE* Sarah S.  May 2, 1814 - Mar 7, 1890; w/o Dennis W.
PORTER* Deborah  1798 - Nov 19, 1880;  82y,9m; w/o Clark
RAINES* Donald S.  Sept 1, 1925 - Feb 2, 2006; h/o Gertrude R.
RAINES* Gertrude R. 1926 -   ; w/o Donald S.
REED baby girl died Mar 5, 1931; d/o Harold & Ida Belle (Walters); of pneumonia
REED* Daisy  1887 - 1943; w/o Maynard H.
REED* Estella  1857 - Aug 1928; w/o Schuyler
REED* Harold M. 1910 - 1961; h/o Ida
REED* Maynard H.  Dec 24, 1883 - Dec 1966; h/o Daisy
REED* Percy G.  1913 - Mar 10, 1964; 51y [heart attack]; h/o ???;  s/o Maynard; son Percy & dau, Mrs. Donald Kazmark
REED* Schuyler  1849 - 1929; h/o Estella; s/o Myron & Ruth
REINHARDT* John Jr.  Sept 7, 1900 - Oct 1966 Brooklyn, NY; h/o Muriel ZENKERE
REINHARDT* Muriel  Aug 4, 1901 - Nov 1994 Brooklyn, NY; w/o John Jr.; nee ZENKERE
RICHARDS Ellen buried Feb 15, 1927; died in Burbee Hollow; abt 70y; mil to Charles Robinson
RICHARDS* Flora A.  1850 - 1909; w/o George E. [m:1898]; d/o Richard Sidney & Louisiania (Conant) TREAT; 1 son,2 dau     [Flora d 1910 per husb's obit]
RICHARDS* George Eugene  July 30, 1849 - Jan 6, 1925; 75y h/o Henrietta A. HICKS & Flora TREAT  [obit]
RICHARDS* Henrietta A. 1849 - 1890; w/o George E; nee HICKS
RICHARDS* Ida M.  1866 - Mar 1912; 45y; w/o William P.; nee TOMPKINS; 6 daus
RICHARDS Richard Jr. 1848 - 1918; s/o Richard [no stone found]
RICHARDS* William P.  1856 - Mar 7, 1914; 57y; h/o Ida M. TOMPKINS; s/o William & Ruth; 2 sis  [he died of congestive heart failure]
RICKETSON* Albert H.  June 29, 1908 - Nov 23, 1995; 87y; h/o Dorothy W.; s/o Henry
RICKETSON* Dorothy W.  Aug 21, 1906 - Jan 4, 1995; 88y;w/o Albert H.
RICKETSON Eloise  "Ella " Oct 14, 1865 - Nov 30, 1937;  64y,1m,16d; w/o Henry; d/o Freeman & Ellen (Dedrick) FRENCH; sons: John F. & Albert H.;  3 sis; 
RICKETSON* Eliza Janette  Feb 22, 1839 - Apr 16, 1913; 73y,1m,24d; w/o John [m:12/20/1860]; 2nd d/o Isaac & Lydia (Green) TREMBLY  [long obit below]
RICKETSON* Emily  died Apr 18, 1870;  1y,2m; d/o John Jr. & E. Janette
RICKETSON* Emma  died July 23, 1866;  4y,9m,15d; d/o John Jr. & E. Janette
RICKETSON Grace died Apr 7, 1884;  18y,4m,7d; d/o John Jr. & E. Janette
RICKETSON* Henry  1873 - Dec 26, 1942 GA; 69y; h/o Eloise FRENCH & Mrs. Carrie (Dedrick) MARTIN; s/o John; sons, John & Albert from 1st marriage   [obit below]
RICKETSON* John  Apr 19, 1839 - Feb 19, 1903;  63y,7m; h/o E. Janette TREMBLY; only child of Henry  & Grace (Powell)   [obit below - spelled name as Rickettson]
RICKETSON* Lydia  died Sept 12, 1878;  10y,2m,17d; d/o John Jr. & E. Janette
RICKETSON* Mary Apr 28, 1870 - Jan 22, 1879; d/o John Jr. & E. Janette
ROBINSON* Grace   died Apr 7, 1884;  18y,4m,7d;
ROBINSON* Grace T.  1811 - Oct 29, 1897;  86y,1m,19d; w/o John RICKETSON Sr. & Mr. Robinson
ROHLIN Robert  funeral: Mar 17, 1895;  s/o Martin  [in paper of Mar 27, 1895]
ROPER* Betsey Jane P. Mar 17, 1841 - Sept 16, 1923; 82y; w/o John Bernard Roper; 1 dau & 3 sons; bro, Geo. E. RICHARDS
ROPER* Edwin Ezra  June 19, 1867 - Mar 6, 1935; s/o John Bernard and Betsey J. (RICHARDS)
ROPER* John Bernard  Jan 20, 1838 England - Nov 27, 1903; h/o Susan A. ??  & Betsey J. RICHARDS-Alden; Co. G., 18th NY Vol Inf; Civil War Vet
ROSE* F. Philip  June 28, 1890 - Mar 30, 1907; s/o Matthew and Mary
ROSE* Mary  Jan 7, 1864 - Oct 12, 1905; w/o Matthew
ROSE Myrta S. died Oct 12, 1905; 41y; w/o ???; died at home of Sebastian Bopple
ROWE* Ellen R.  1866 - 1942; w/o William C.; nee KING  [husb's obit has as Ella JOHNSON]
ROWE* Infant  died 1905; child of William C. & Ellen R. (King)
ROWE* Mary E.  1897 - 1908; d/o William C. & Ellen R. (King)
ROWE* William C.  1854 - Mar 5, 1905; abt 45y;  h/o Ella JOHNSON; 3 sm. kids  [obit]
RYAN* Sarah  June 17, 1960 - Dec 31, 1995; nee VAN DER VEER
SALSBURY* Harmon  died May 14, 1850;  51y,17d; h/o Elizabeth
SANDERS* Beatrice A.  Aug 20, 1904 - Sept 1984 (on stone w/Marian S. Hicks)
SANDERS* Daniel T.  1866 - 1949; h/o Gertrude
SANDERS Edson 1862 - Mar 5, 1936 Penn Yan; 73y; h/o ???:  s/o Jacob & MaryAnn (Phornal); bros: Jacob & Daniel & sis: Mrs. Anna Alford & Mrs. Mary Tuttle
SANDERS* Gertrude T.  Jan 2, 1880 - July 24, 1953; 73y; w/o Daniel T.; nee TRICKEY; 2 daus, Miss Beatrice & Mrs. Marion Hicks
SANDERS* Jacob Peter  1821 - June 1, 1904;  82y; h/o Mary A. Barnes THORNELL (2 markers)
SANDERS* Mary A.  Aug 1, 1829 NJ - July 14, 1923; 93y,11m,13d; w/o Jacob P.; d/o William & Elizabeth (Barnes) THORNELL;  4 sons, 2 dau [obit says 7 kids, only names 6]  (2 markers)
SANDERS* Peter J.  Oct 30, 1851 NJ - Jan 24, 1924; 72y; s/o Jacob Peter & Mary A. Barnes (Thornell) [obit below] 
SCHAURER* Peter J.  Dec 14, 1833 - Sept 19, 1924; 90y
SCHAURER* Philip  Dec 12, 1866 - Jan 20, 1894; 27y; s/o Peter J.
SCHENK* Deloris  1931 - ????; w/o Stuart N. nee TIBERIO
SCHENK* Stuart N.  1926 - 1982; h/o Deloris TIBERIO
SCHNEIDER Jacob buried Oct 23, 1940;
SENNETT Florence A. died Jan 4, 1930; 9d; inf d/o Leon & Cora (Berry) Sennett
SHERMAN* Araminta E.  1993 - 1999?
SHERMAN Cordelia Aug 18, 1842 - Aug 30, 1842; d/o Michael & Rhoda
SHERMAN Elizabeth Sept 24, 1836 - Oct 29, 1839; 3y; d/o Michael & Rhoda
SHERMAN* Elvira K Aug 26, 1852 - July 10, 1936; 83y; w/o Hiram C. [m:11/19/1874]; d/o Solomon & Olive KELSEY; dau: Mrs. James B. (Lina) Gelder [in another obit spelled surname as KELLSY] [obits]
SHERMAN* George W. Feb 1843 - 1908; h/o Mary J. & Jennie C.; s/o Michael & Rhoda (McCury)
SHERMAN Gertrude Nov 23, 1847 - May 27, 1922; 74y; unwed; d/o Michael & Rhoda  (McCury)
SHERMAN* Hiram C.  May 10, 1851 - Aug  31, 1936; 85y; h/o Elvira KELSEY [m: 11/ 19/1874]; s/o Michael & Rhoda (McCury); a dau, Mrs. Lina Gelder survives   [obit shows d/b as 1861 - error?]
SHERMAN infant died May 11, 1851; s/o Michael & Rhoda (McCury)
SHERMAN infant died Feb 16, 1921; inf child of Lynn Sherman
SHERMAN Julia A. July 17, 1839 - Oct 9, 1906; 67; d/o Michael and Rhoda (McCury); unwed; bros: Hiram C . & Geo. W.; sis, Gertrude
SHERMAN Levi B. Jan 25, 1846 - Mar 19, 1865; 19y; s/o Michael & Rhoda (McCury); Co. H. , 4th Heavy Art.;  (died at Libby prison) Civil War Vet
SHERMAN* Mary J.  1845 - 1871; 26y; 1st w/o George W.
SHERMAN Michael Feb 19, 1808 - Mar 17, 1854; 46y; h/o Rhoda
SHERMAN Rhoda Jan 10, 1812 - Nov 29, 1883; 72y;  w/o Michael
SHOWERS Peter 1832 - buried Sept 24, 1924; 92y {OBIT - The remains of Peter Showers of Canandaigua were brought to the Coye cemetery for burial today.  He was in his 92nd year.}
SMITH* Earl E. 1893 - 1973; 80y;
SMITH* Emma M.  died July 18, 1868; d/o E. Riley & Mary S.
SMITH* Ina  Aug 21, 1893 - Jan 1989; w/o Jessie Kelsey; nee MOSHER
SMITH* Jessie Kelsey  Aug 20, 1883 - Aug 22, 1946; 63y; h/o Ina MOSHER [m: 1/12/1914]; s/o Marlin R. & Loretta (Kelsey); 4 daus; 4 sis, 3 bros  [killed using a power saw rig]
SMITH* Loretta  July 7, 1854 - Sept 17, 1940; 86y; w/o Marlin R. [m: 12/10/1873] ; d/o Solomon D. & Olive W. (Moss) KELSEY; 8 kids: Morris, Lawrence, Mrs. Warren Trickey;  Jesse K., Mrs. Arthur C. Smith; Mrs. Geo. Q. Standish; Mrs. J. Ralph Tibbetts & Reuben E  [obit]
SMITH* Marlin R.  Nov 18, 1853 - Sept 16, 1945; 91y; h/o Loretta KELSEY [m:12/10/1873]; s/o Russell & Julia (Beeman); 4 sons, 4 daus; 24 grandkids, 14 great grandkids
SMITH* Marshall  May 31, 1851 - Dec 17, 1923; h/o Emma (Mary) SHERBURNE [Sherbin per 1 paper] & Miss Cornelia AYERS; s/o Russell & Julia (Beeman); sons: Russell, Ed & Earl; bro: Marlin R.; sis, Mrs. Chauncey Bailey   [obit below]
SMITH* EMMA Mary   1856 - July 1, 1908; 52y; w/o Marshall; nee SHERBURNE; 3 sons [stone has as Emma; obit has as Mary]
STANDISH* Camilia Adelaide Oct 8, 1838 - May 14, 1912; 73y; w/o George T; d/o Robert O. CARPENTER [obit]
STANDISH* George Q.  1876 - 1963; s/o George; h/o Hattie E. (1880 census has parents as Geo. & Amilia)
STANDISH* George T. June 24, 1833 - Jan 25, 1916; 82y; h/o Camilia Adelaide CARPENTER; s/o Jonathan B. & Mary "Polly" HOAGE
STANDISH* Hattie A. Feb 20, 1860 - Jan 6, 1897; w/o Francis (Frank) R.; d/o Charles G. & Harriet S. HEMENWAY   [on Hemenway monu]  [obit below]
STANDISH* Hattie E.  Apr 15, 1887 - July 1979; w/o George Q.
STANDISH infant   buried Aug 22, 1920; c/o Frank R.  [short obit]
STEELE* Grace M.  May 30, 1919 - Aug 1, 1974; w/o Richard; nee ANDERSON
STEELE Robert C. Mar 2, 1950 - June 15, 2009;  59y; s/o Richard & Grace (Anderson)
STEMPEL* Carrie Estella  June 24, 1874 - Dec 11, 1954; 80y; w/o John P.; d/o Augustus & Harriet (Holcomb) MEHLENBACHER; bro, Henry; sisters: Mrs. Cora Trickey & Mrs. Mertis Rice
STEMPEL* Elva W.  1894 - 1973; w/o Herbert F.
STEMPEL* George Henry (Capt) Feb 23, 1862 Germany - Dec 27, 1958; 96y; h/o Addie MOTHERSELL; s/o John & Mary (Schaurer)( Showers) [per obit]; boat captain  [obits below]
STEMPEL* Herbert F.  1892 - 1967; h/o Elva W.;  US Vet
STEMPEL* John  1838 Germany - Dec 11, 1884; 46y; h/o Mary SCHAURER; 'father'; b/o Geo. [short obit]
STEMPEL* John P.  1865 - Apr 7, 1944; 78y; h/o Carrie Estella MEHLENBACHER; s/o John & Mary (Showers)
STEMPEL* Julia  Dec 19, 1867 Germany - Apr 14, 1955 Hamburg, NY; 87y; unwed; d/o John & Mary (Schaurer)
STEMPEL* Mary  1832 - 1917; w/o John; nee SCHAURER  'mother'
STEMPEL* Winifred L.  1889 - 1944
STORM* Ann  May 11, 1940 - Jan 19, 2004; w/o Morry
STORM* Morry  Jan 7, 1915 - Jan 4, 2003; h/o Ann
STUART* Harriet  1926 - ????; w/o Vincent Peter
STUART* Vincent Peter  Sept 10, 1924 - Oct 8, 2004; h/o Harriet STANDISH;   US Navy - WW II & Korean War Vet (2 markers)
TENNEY* Maude M.  Dec 18, 1886 - Jan 17, 1966 Newark; 79y; w/o ???; d/o Edward & Sarah (Fox) MIDDLEBROOK; bro, Clifford; sis, Miss Rosa;  sons: Leo & Edward Tenney, dau, Mrs. James White
THOMPSON* Vernon L.  Aug 24, 1919 - June 6, 2002
TIBBETTS* Bessie O.  1890 - 1967; w/o John Ralph
TIBBETTS* John Ralph  1892 - 1957; h/o Bessie O.
TIBERIO* Marjorie Loretta June 12, 1907 - Aug 3, 1994; w/o John Joseph & Mr. GRIPE; nee TRICKEY
TIBERIO* John Joseph  Mar 6, 1901 - Oct 6, 1981; h/o Marjorie Loretta TRICKEY
TREAT* Charles F.  1866 - Dec 7, 1871;  5y; s/o Richard Sidney & Louisiana H. (Conant)
TREAT* Elijah  1780 MA -  Dec 28, 1851; 71y,5m; h/o Lois
TREAT* Esther A.  1855 - July 6, 1878; 23y,5m,15d; d/o Richard Sidney & Louisiana H. (Conant)
TREAT* Jesse A.  died Dec 17, 18?8;  2y,6m,8d; s/o Richard Sidney & Louisiana H. (Conant)
TREAT* John  s/o Richard Sidney & Louisiana H. (Conant)
TREAT* Louisiana H.  1825 - Sept 16, 1894; 69y,5m,19d; w/o Richard Sidney; nee CONANT
TREAT* Richard S Jr.  1848 - Feb 25, 1918; 69y; h/o ???; s/o Richard Sidney & Louisiana H. (Conant); bro, Fred
TREAT* Richard Sidney  1819 - Aug 26, 1895; 76y,4m,8d; h/o Louisiana H. CONANT; Co. G, 14th Reg NY Vol - Civil War Vet
TRICKEY* Carrie E.  1857 - 1910; w/o Rhodes
TRICKEY Clarence G. 1892 - 1893; s/o Wm. T. & Henrietta (Beeman)
TRICKEY* Henrietta Patience Mar 19, 1853 - July 18, 1930; 77y; w/o William T.; 10 kids; youngest & last living (7th) child of Nelson & Hannah (Trembly) BEEMAN; daus, Mrs. Janette Fribolin & Mrs. Julia Pierce   [obit below]
TRICKEY* Julia L.  June 23, 1881 - Feb 1969; w/o Warren E.
TRICKEY* Mary J.  May 28, 1895 - May 18, 1973; 77y; unwed
TRICKEY* Nettie  1876 - 19??; w/o Wallace M.; nee BARRETT
TRICKEY* Rhodes  1844 - 1921; h/o Carrie E.    [obit below]
TRICKEY* Wallace M.  1876 - Nov 9, 1908; 32y; h/o Nettie BARRETT; s/o William T. & Henrietta (Beeman); typhoid fever   [obit]
TRICKEY* Warren E.  1878 - 1961; h/o Julia L; s/o William T. & Henrietta (Beeman)
TRICKEY* William Travis  Feb 7, 1842 - Nov 10, 1927; 85y; h/o Miss Zimmie INGRAHAM [d. 11/30/1874] &  Henrietta BEEMAN [m:4/10/1875] ; eldest s/o John & Maria (Springer); 5 daus, had 5 sons; 2 survive;  [fractured rib from fall]   [several obits found]
unknown* Ella  no data; Eastern Star
unknown* Frankey W.  no data
unknown* Henry  no data; Mason
VOORHEES Cora Lena Dec 1868 - Nov 9, 1930; 62y,11m; w/o Frank; d/o Squire & Martha WORDEN
VOORHEES Frank 1866 -  May 2, 1937; 70y; h/o Cora L. WORDEN; f/o Mrs. Gertrude Morrow, sons: Charles, George & Francis; 2 sis: Mrs. Bert Wesley of Holcomb & Mrs. Addie Voorhees of Burby Hollow (S. Bristol)     [obit below]
WALLENBECK* Anita B.  Sept 19, 1915 - Sept 1975
WATSON* Eunice M.  May 16, 1872 - July 6, 1889; d/o Joseph B. & Mary A.
WATSON* Joseph B.  Oct 10, 1830 - July 23, 1914; w/o Mary A.
WATSON* Mary A.  Feb 24, 1834 - Nov 14, 1908; w/o Joseph B.
WATTS* David A.  1956 - ????
WATTS* Martha G.  Dec 11, 1916 - Aug 1991 CO.
WATTS* Richard L. (Capt)  Oct 16, 1933 - Dec 3, 2000; 67y; US Air Force
WENZ* Carl R. Jr.  1922 - ?; h/o Mary RYAN
WENZ* Carl R. III  Apr 13, 1959 - Sept 24, 1996; 37y; s/o Carl & Mary (Ryan)
WENZ* Mary   1926 - 1989; w/o Carl R. Jr.; nee RYAN  "beloved wife, mother & sister"
WOOD Alice died Aug 20, 1926 Geneseo; 65y; unwed; d/o Wm. H. & Lucy A.
WOOD* Clarissa A.   1839 - 1911; w/o Ezra F; nee COVIL
WOOD* Ezra F.  1831 - 1915; h/o Esther & Clarissa A. COVIL
WOOD* Lucy A.  died Nov 16, 1887;  57y,10m,22d; w/o William H.
WOOD* Sarah E.  May 11, 1901 - Mar 1979; 77y
WOOD* William H.  died Jan 17, 1885; 64y; h/o Lucy A.
WORDEN* J. Albert  1872 - 1920; s/o Esquire & Martha
WORDEN* Mary Jane  died Apr 22, 1860;  29 or 39y,4m,26d; w/o Francis G.
ZAHNER* Amelia   Nov 11, 1883 - May 9, 1960; 76y; unwed; bro, Theodore of Naples  [obit below]
ZAHNER* Charles  1867 - 1936
ZAHNER* Ernest  1875 - 1955;
ZAHNER* Jacob  1836 - 1911; h/o Verna "Kate"
ZAHNER Verna "Kate" 1847 - 1915; w/o Jacob  [no stone found]


Info contributed by Helen Fox, Bristol Historian - (para-phrased)  

Constance Canfield Morgan is buried in Coye Cemetery, as is her grandmother Jessie Jacobson.  The Jacobsons and Canfields were from Rochester and Pittsford.  Constance's parents lived for a time in South Bristol.  Very musical family  (Jacobsons) and guess what - Constance's sister was Mary Grace Canfield who played the female carpenter, "Ralph", on "Green Acres" on TV and also had parts in other series and movies. 

The Old Fulton Post Card site is very helpful and census records. 

As to why they are buried there, one can only guess.  No doubt they liked the view of Canandaigua Lake from the cemetery and perhaps other reasons.  (Descendents) need to purchase burial permits in South Bristol for their further research on these persons. 




Neapolitan Record              Wed                    May 28, 1884

On Thursday, B. T. Hawkins was summoned home from Canandaigua on account of the death of his wife. Mrs. Hawkins had been ill for some time, but her death was very sudden and unexpected. Hers was a difficulty of the throat, and her death was hastened by the lodging of a seed of an orange that she was eating.

She was an estimable lady, much respected and beloved by a large circle. She leaves three children and her husband to mourn. The burial was held on Friday at the Coye cemetery, Rev. G. B. Fuller officiating.  The general funeral services were held from the schoolhouse, Bristol Springs, on Sunday last at  1-2 p. m., and the attendance was large, attesting the high estimate in which this lady was held.


The Naples Record              Wed              Oct 2, 1895

Lizzie Degan Moore died at 4 a. m. September 25. Funeral Thursday, with burial at Coye cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Degan, parents of the deceased, desire to express their gratitude to the neighbors and friends for their sympathy and aid.     September 30,1895.



The Naples Record              Wed                   Dec 2, 1896

George Kidman died Sunday, Nov. 29, after suffering intensely for a week, from a dose of poison. Mr. Kidman, with the help of Daniel Reddout, was running his feed mill on Saturday, Nov. 21. Dan stopped for dinner, but Mr. Kidman did not stop to eat anything and sent his boy to the house to get a mug of wine for each. Kidman drank his without stopping, but Dan took only two swallows.  Both commenced to vomit and Dr. Conley was called and found that there was corrosive sublimate in the wine, which had been put in by mistake or by some mischievous person.  A half-pint bottle of corrosive sublimate was in the pantry, and some had been used. Mr. Kidman said that be drank wine from the same jug that morning and it was all right. His funeral is tomorrow at his son's, Geo. Kidman, in South Bristol, at 9 pm.   Rev. S. Boyd officiating; burial at Coye cemetery.



 The Naples Record              Wed                   Jan 13, 1897

Everybody was greatly shocked to learn on Thursday morning, Jan. 7, of the death of Mrs. Frank Standish. She was sick Sunday, Jan. 3, but not considered dangerous until Wednesday afternoon. She leaves two little children. There was a large attendance at the funeral held in the church here. Rev. Eugene Anthony officiated. There were many beautiful floral offerings. Burial at Coye cemetery. January 11,1897



The Naples Record                Wed        Feb 16, 1898

At the home of Adelman Cornish, Feb. 9, 1898, Miss Ida Cornish was married to Henry Kornbau by Rev. Burt Cornish.



The Naples Record                Wed        May 11, 1898

The remains of James Holcomb, deceased, who died in Michigan last summer, were buried in Coye cemetery, Thursday. 

Miss Ida Holcomb, a  sister, accompanied the remains.  Mr. Holcomb was a soldier in n the war of the rebellion . At the time of his death, he weighed 4000 pounds. He was never married.  F.W. and W. R. Holcomb are brothers and Mrs. Isaac Hulburt and Mrs. Joel Gillette, (are) sisters.



The Naples News               Thurs               Feb 26 1903

John Rickettson - This community was shocked by the news last Thursday morning that John Rickettson had passed from among the living, during the night, having suffered a second shock of paralysis; receiving the first April 15th 1902.

John was the only child of Henry and Grace Powell Rickettson and was born in Clove, Dutchess County, this state, April 19th 1839.   In 1856 he and his widowed mother came to this county living for a time with his uncle, Shotwell Powell.  Soon after coming here he purchased the farm which he had since occupied until three years ago moving to the Trembley house across the road. 

He was of a genial disposition ever ready to help those in need always advocating that which would further the interest of mankind, conscientious in the discharge of duties whether private or public with a firmness of judgment that showed the integrity of his convictions He was one of the prime movers in the planning and erection of Bristol Springs Free church, for which he gave the site and had served as one of its trustees since its erection. He had also served two terms as Supervisor and was also a member of the Town Board until resigning through ill health.

In 1860 he married E. Janette, second daughter of Isaac Trembley. Eight children were born to them three of which are living, Mrs. Clara Roper of East Bloomfield, Mrs. Edith Hemenway and Henry of this place.

He had been a member of the Patrons of Husbandry and F. and A.M., of Canandaigua for 20 years and was also a member of the Society of Friends. The funeral was held at the church Saturday, at 1 p.m. Rev. Peter McKenzie of Naples, officiating and the interment was in Coye cemetery.

The large number present evinced the high esteem in which he was held in this section.  Bristol Springs, N. Y,



The Naples Record                   Wed                                 Oct 28, 1904 

George Ellis Hughson, the youngest child of the late Leonard and Emma Moss Houghson, died of consumption in H. C. Sherman's house on Friday afternoon, October 21, 1904. He was born December 27, 1264, in this place, where he was educated, and lived until his removal to Newark in 1902.  He leaves a wife, (formerly, Mae Gelden), a sister, Mrs. John Heifer, and his much loved and devoted mother, Mrs. Emma Hughson.  As a boy and a man he was associated with all that tended to make life better and brighter.  

His sickness commenced with an attack of grip about the time, of the sickness and death last winter of the late Robert Gelder. In spite of all that care and medical aid could do, consumption developed and ran its swift course in less than a year.  He was sanguine of recovery to the last. He became low spirited and pined for early associations, and was removed to this place by his friends in August of this year, when he rallied for a time. He has been superintendent of our Sunday School and president of the Y. P. S. C. E., and has served on several  important committees affecting the well-being of our community.  He was a staunch Republican, and was a man of positive convictions. 

Funeral services were held from the church Monday at 2 p. m., Rev. H. L. Howard, of Naples, officiating; burial in Coye cemetery.



Naples News              Oct  ??,  1905  

Mrs. B. T. Hawkins (Lucinda) died at Canandaigua Memorial Hospital, Saturday, Oct. 7th, where she went for treatment August 23rd. She is survived by her husband and three step children, John and Martin Hawkins, and Mrs. Will Cronk of Burlington Flatts;  two brothers, H. C. and George Sherman, also two sisters, Misses Julia and Gertrude Sherman. She was a kind and loving neighbor always ready and willing to help any one in time of need, until failing health prevented. She was much loved and her death is lamented by all. The funeral was held at the church Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Interment at Coye Cemetery.



The Naples Record               Early Feb 1908

Mr. Sabastian Bopple died shortly after one o'clock Thursday afternoon at his residence, he had been ill only about an hour.  Mr. Bopple was about 75 years of age, he was born in Germany and came here when quite a young man, during the time accumulated considerable wealth. 

He leaves a wife, one daughter of Rochester, three nephews and a niece who made their home with him. The funeral was held Sunday at one o'clock from his home, Rev. Mr.Roop of Naples officiated. The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful, Interment was in the Coye cemetery.



Naples Record             Wed                   July 24, 1912

WILLIS W. HOLCOMB - Died suddenly at his home at Bristol Springs last Saturday, July 21, 1912, aged 51 years. The immediate cause of death was acute indigestion. He was stricken while at work in the hayfield, and he was removed to his home where he died without regaining consciousness and almost before medical aid could reach him.

Mr. Holcomb was born and spent his entire life in the town of South Bristol. For many years he had been a prominent business man at Bristol Springs. He was public spirited and was identified with every movement which had for its object the betterment of the community in which he lived. His business interests brought him in close contact with the businessmen and citizens of Naples, whose confidence he had to the fullest extent.

For several years he represented his town in the Board of Supervisors, succeeding his brother, Frederick B. Holcomb, both Democrats, and a majority of the present Board were present at the funeral.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Misses Maude and Rose; his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth A Holcomb, and three brothers: Frederick B. and Frank Holcomb, of Bristol Springs, and Clinton N. Holcomb, of  the town of Bristol.  Funeral services were held from the home at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, conducted by Rev. S. T. Harding, of Naples.  Interment in Coye cemetery, near the Springs.




The Naples Record        Wed                 Apr  23,   1913

Mrs. E. Jannette Ricketson - The entire community was again shocked to learn that Mrs. E. Janette Ricketson was stricken with apoplexy at her home in Bristol Springs on Wednesday evening, April 16, 1913, and death followed instantly. Her husband succumbed to the second attack of the same disease on February 19, 1903. 

Mrs. Ricketson was the second daughter of Isaac and Lydia Green Trembley and was born on February 22, 1839, in a log house on the place where her father later built the large and commodious house now owned and occupied by the Sanders family. She was united in marriage with John Ricketson, who was the only child of Henry and Grace Powell Ricketson, on December 20, 1860. They were called to mourn the loss of five of their eight children, all but one of them being taken in early childhood, and three within one year, which filled their hearts with a deep and lasting sorrow Those now living are Mrs. Clara Roper, of Canandaigua; Mrs. Edith Hemenway, of South Bristol, and Henry, who resides in the homestead, and four grandchildren.

Other surviving relatives are four sisters, Mrs. Clara Cleveland, of Naples; Mrs. Henrietta B. Hovey, of Bristol Springs; Mrs. Lydia Jane Perry, of Manchester, and Mrs. Ida Gardner, of Cortland, N. Y., and one brother, John Trembley, of Canandaigua.

The deceased was a person of more than usual intelligence and endowed with great ability. She could be teacher, housekeeper, nurse or clerk as occasion required. Her remarkable memory, original expression and unusual command of language made her a companion to be sought by young or old.  Born of Godly parents, her father and grandfather both having been local preachers in the Methodist church.   Mrs. Ricketson was also a Methodist by profession, but was not biased, and was a regular attendant and worked in the Sunday School and at the Union Free church near her home, without regard to denominational lines. Withal, she was a fond admirer of the Rev. S. T. Harding, who, while pastor of the Naples Baptist church, also supplied the church at Bristol Springs.  She frowned on all wrong doings and had been an active member in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union for many years.

She had also been a member of the South Bristol Grange since its organization, and there her presence will be greatly missed in song, in counsel and in wise and timely suggestions. Her helpfulness and thoughtful kindness will be long remembered by her many friends and neighbors.

The funeral, held from the Bristol Springs church on Saturday afternoon, the 19th instant, was largely attended.  The services were conducted by Dr. J. H. France, of Naples, who spoke impressively from the text, "Blessed! are the dead which die in the Lord & from henceforth, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them," followed by a beautiful prayer by Dr. Samuel Long, from the lake shore. She was laid to rest in the family lot in the Coye cemetery close beside those she had loved so dearly in life and from whom she had been so long parted.

Her brother, John Trembley, of Canandaigua, and her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Packard, of Canandaigua, and Mr. and Mrs. Salem Haskell, of Cheshire, were in attendance at the funeral.




The Naples Record        Wed        Sept 10, 1913

On Monday, September 8, occurred the death of William Northrup at the home of his brother, Isaac Northrup, at Bristol Springs, aged about 73 years. He was a veteran of the Civil War. Funeral services are held today conducted by Rev. D. O. Chamberlayne. Interment will be in Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record        Wed          May 24,  1916

At nine o'clock Saturday evening, May 20, 1916, occurred the death of Mrs. Fred Cornish at her home in Bristol Valley. She was Miss Pearl Barrett before her marriage to Mr.Cornish, and was born in Avoca thirty-nine years ago. Mrs. Cornish had been in failing health for some time but had been much worse since February. In April she was taken to a hospital at Canandaigua where numberless doctors and a specialist attended her. After several weeks, as all doctors failed to relieve her suffering and nearly all hope of her recovery was given up, she was brought back to her home, where she was under the care of a trained nurse and physicians; nothing that might prolong her life was left undone. She was a woman whom all loved and respected and through all her illness looked only on the bright side, although she knew her days were numbered.

The sincerest sympathy is felt for the bereaved husband and relatives. The funeral will be held from the Bristol Springs church at 2 p. m. on Tuesday, after the prayer at the house at 1 p. m. Interment in Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record        Wed          Mar 13,  1918

Richard S. Treat -  Died at his home at Boswell Corners on February 25th, 1918, at the age of 69 years, after a lingering illness of over two years. For the past six months he had been confined to his bed, with much suffering, and his wife tenderly administered to his every want and care.  

Mr. Treat was a lifelong resident of this place, and will be greatly missed in the community.  He leaves to mourn his loss his wife and one brother, Fred Treat, of Rochester, besides a host of other relatives and friends. Rev. Mr. Alvord, of Bristol, preached the funeral sermon from the home on Wednesday, and burial was at the Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record                        Wed             Mar 30, 1921

Rhodes Trickey - A much respected resident of this place for many years, passed away at the home of his son, George Trickey, near Seneca Point, on March 24, 1921. The funeral was held on Saturday from the house, and burial was made in the Coye cemetery. He leaves two sons, George and Morey Trickey, and one daughter, Mrs. Daniel Sanders.



The Naples Record                        Wed              May 18, 1921

WAR HERO BURIED IN COYE CEMETERY - At the Bristol Springs church last Sunday afternoon was held the funeral of Henry Herzberg, who died in a Belgian hospital on November 8, 1918, of bronchial pneumonia.  Deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. Herzberg. of Bristol Springs, and was born at that place on April 21, 1894. Besides his parents, he is survived by two sisters and one brother: Mrs. Edna Jaycox, of Binghamton; Miss Amelia Herzberg and Carl Herzberg, of Bristol Springs.

Private Herzberg left Naples for Camp Dix on April 29, 1918, and was attached to Company L, 147th Infantry, 37th Division. He was transferred to Camp Lee on June 5, and sailed for France with a unit of Ohio National Guard on June 21. He saw active service with the American forces on the British front in Belgium, participating in much hard fighting. He was taken ill and died of bronchial pneumonia on November 8, 1918, just three days before the signing of the armistice. He was buried at Staton Belgium.

The body arrived in Naples last Friday night, and was met by an escort from Jacob Schaeffer Post No. 810, American Legion, of this village, and taken to the family home at Bristol Springs.  Jacob Schaeffer Post, assisted by Dr. J.H. France, pastor of the Naples Presbyterian Church, had charge of the services on Sunday. Interment was made in Coye cemetery, where taps were sounded and a military salute was fired.


The Naples Record                        Wed                     July 20, 1921

MR. AND MRS. PHILIP KISTNER - At his home in Main street, on Thursday, July 14, 1921. occurred the death of Philip Kistner, and on Sunday, July 17, 1921, just seventy-one hours after the death of her husband, occurred the death of Mrs. Kistner, after an illness of several months, during which time she was tenderly cared for by her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Griswold.

Mr. Kistner was born in Bavaria, Germany, on March 8. 1841 and came to America with his parents in 1872, settling in Canandaigua. He was for four years in the employ of the late Hon. E. G. Lapham, and spent a portion of the time on what was then Lapham Point, on Canandaigua lake. In 1884 he purchased property at the head of the lake and engaged in the cultivation of grapes, pursuing this occupation until a little over two years ago, when he and Mrs. Kistner removed to this village.

On March 30, 1875, he was united in marriage with Mrs. Louisa Wolfanger Sick, of Perkinsville. To them were born five sons: Jacob G. Kistner. of Pontiac, Mich.; Andrew J., of Newark, N. Y.; Frank M. and Philip C. of Naples, and George, of South Bristol, and one daughter, Mrs. Alfred J. Griswold, of Naples. Five grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services were held from the home of his son. Frank M. Kistner, in Race street, at 3 p.m. on Saturday, conducted by Dr. J. H. France, pastor of the Naples Presbyterian Church. Burial was made in the Coye cemetery, in South Bristol. Relatives and friends were present at the funeral from Wayland, Dansville, Cohocton, Hornell, Canandaigua and other places.

Mrs. Kistner, whose maiden name was Louisa Wolfanger, was born in Perkinsville, N. Y., on March 26, 1847, where she grew to womanhood. In 1865 she was united in marriage to Jacob Sick, of Cohocton, who died in 1872, and to them was born one son, Edward Sick, now a resident of Canandaigua. Since her marriage to Mr. Kistner on March 30. 1875. she had lived in South Bristol and Naples. Besides the son. and other children above mentioned. Mrs. Kistner is survived by one brother, Foldine Wolfanger, of Austin, Pa. and one sister, Mrs. Mary Sick, of LaSalle. N. Y.

The sister had for the past few weeks been assisting in the care of Mrs. Kistner. Funeral services were held from her late home at 3 p. m. yesterday, conducted by Dr. J. H. France, and interment was made in Coye cemetery by the side of her husband.

Living for so many years just over the line in the town of South Bristol, Mr. and Mrs. Kistner had considered themselves almost residents of Naples, and by their upright characters had won the respect of all. The doubly-bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community.




The Naples Record                        Wed                     Sept 13, 1922

Richard Beasley - Little Richard Beasley,  the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beasley, suddenly passed away at the home of his parents on Gannett Hill, in the town of South Bristol, on Tuesday night, September 5, 1922. He was born on March 23. 1921 in Picton, Canada, coming to this place with his parents last May. He leaves besides his parents to mourn his loss, an infant sister, and his grandparents and several aunts, uncles and cousins, besides a host of friends.

Funeral services were held from the home at 9:30 a. m. on Thursday, Dr. Joseph H. France, of Naples, officiating. Interment was made in the Coye cemetery.





The Naples Record                        Wed                     Sept 19, 1923

MRS BETSY P. ROPER - In Canandaigua on Sunday, September 16, 1923, occurred the death of Mrs. Betsy Jane Roper, aged 82 years. Funeral services will be held from the home of her daughter, Mrs. John O'Neill, in Canandaigua, this afternoon, Rev. George E. Finlay, of Bristol, officiating, and burial will be made in the Coye cemetery, in South Bristol. Besides one daughter and three sons, she is survived by one brother, George E. Richards, of South Bristol.



The Naples Record                      Wed                         Dec 19, 1923

MARSHALL SMITH - While working about his home, at Bristol Springs, on Monday, December 17th, 1923, Marshall Smith dropped dead, although he had appeared to be in good health up to that time.  Mr. Smith was the son of Russell and Julia Beeman Smith and was born in the town of South Bristol on May 31, 1851, which town had practically always been his home. In early life he married Miss Emma Sherbin, who died about fifteen yean ago, leaving three sons, Russell, who now resides in Canandaigua; Fred, of New Jersey, and Earle, of Rochester. 

About ten yean ago he was united in marriage with Miss Cornelia Ayers, of Rochester, who also survives. Other survivors include, one brother, Marlin R. Smith, of South Bristol, and one sister, Mrs. Chauncey Bailey, of Nebraska.  Deceased was a member of South Bristol Grange.

Funeral services will be held from the Union Church, Bristol Springs, today at 2 p. m., conducted by Rev. J. Erwin Wilson, pastor of the Naples Baptist church, followed by burial in the Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record            Wed          Jan 7, 1925

GEORGE E. RICHARDS  -  The death of George Eugene Richards, occurred Tuesday morning, January 6, 1925, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Irving Hewitt, on East Avenue. He had been in poor health for several months, but was confined to his bed only a week with heart disease.

Mr. Richards was born in South Bristol on July 30, 1849, and always  resided there except for the past few winters, which he spent with his daughter in Naples. He was a life-long Republican and served as justice of the peace for about twenty years and also as supervisor. 

His first wife, who was Henrietta A. Hicks, died in 1890. In 1898, he was united in marriage to Flora Treat, who died in 1910. He is survived by a son, Elwyn M. Richards, of Naples; two daughters, Mrs. Irving Hewitt, of Naples and Mrs. Fred Kidman, of South Bristol; and fifteen grandchildren.

The funeral will be held at the Bristol Springs church on Thursday at 2 o'clock. Interment in Coye cemetery. Rev. W. T. H. Bayford, pastor of the Naples M. E. church, will officiate.




The Naples Record            Wed          Jan 28, 1925

Peter J. Sanders - At an early hour last Saturday morning occurred the death of Peter J. Sanders at his home here. Mr. Sanders was born in Paterson, Passaic county, New Jersey, on October 30th, 1851, the eldest of seven children born to Jacob P. and Mary Ann Thornell Sanders. He came with his parents to Academy, Town of Canandaigua, in the spring of 1858. From there the family moved to a farm on Gannett Hill in the spring of 1877, where they resided till sixteen years ago, when lie bought the old Trembley homestead, where he, together with his brother, Daniel, and family, had since lived and where they and his sister, Mrs. Anna Alford, have tenderly, cared for him through a long period of ill health. 

He was a mason and carpenter, by trade, his last work being the supervision of the building of the new Grange Hall in this place.  

He leaves three brothers, Jacob P., of St. Petersburg, Fla.; Edson, of Rushville, and Daniel, of this place, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Tuttle, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Anna Alford, of this place.

The funeral will be held from the home tomorrow at 2 p. m., Rev. Wolcott, pastor of the Naples Baptist church, officiating, with burial in the family plot in Coye cemetery.  The bearers will be Marshall T. Lincoln, Howard H. Tozer, John B. Hawkins, Hiram C. Sherman, Melvin N. Wood, Warren E. Trickey, Henry J. Ricketson and Elwyn J. Hicks, all members of the Grange, to which he belonged.



The Naples Record            Wed         Jan 13, 1926

DANIEL GROVE FELLOWS - At his home near Bristol Springs, in the town of South Bristol, occurred the sudden death on Sunday evening, January 10th, 1926, of Daniel Grove Fellows. In Canandaigua on October 31st last,  Mr. Fellows suffered a stroke of apoplexy, but he had

sufficiently recovered so that, since shortly after Thanksgiving he and Mrs. Fellows had been at Manchester, guests of her sister, Mrs. Peter

DeGroote, returning home from that  place last Tuesday. Sunday evening he had just retired for the night, Mrs. Fellows finding him dead when she went to go to bed.

Mr. Fellows was the son of Joseph and Ester Moss Fellows, and was born in South Bristol on May 20th, 1848, which town had always been his home, and where he was a successful farmer. His first wife was Emma Beeman, and to them were born two daughters, Nora, who died in 1891, and Mrs. George W. Beeman, of Canandaigua, who survives.

Mrs. Fellows died on June 15, 1872, and on April 9, 1877, he married Hattie R. Moss, who also survives. He was a member of South Bristol Grange.

Funeral services will be held from the home today, conducted by Rev. George O. Fisher, pastor of the Naples Methodist Church, and burial will be made in Coye cemetery.


Jan 13, 1926 & Jan 20, 1926

MRS. E. HARVEY PERRY - At her home near Webster, N. Y., occurred the death last Friday, January 8th, 1926, of Mrs. Lydia Jane Trembley Perry, aged 77 years, wife of E. Harvey Perry. For several years they resided at Bristol Springs. Besides her husband, she is survived by one son, Ralph Perry, of Webster; one daughter, Mrs. George Rowley, of Webster; two grandchildren and one great grandchild; one brother, John Trembley, of Canandaigua, and three sisters, Mrs. Clarissa Cleveland, of Naples; Mrs. Henrietta Hovey, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. John Gardner, of Cortland. The body has been placed in a vault until spring, when burial will be made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol.

Jan 20, 1926

Word came last Saturday morning of the death the night before of Mrs. Harvey Perry, at her home in Webster. Mrs. Perry was a daughter of the late Isaac and Lydia Green Trembley and was born and lived in this place for many years. She was loved and respected by everyone who knew her. There survive her husband and two children, Mrs. Nellie Rowley and Ralph Perry, both of Webster. One daughter, Emma, died several years ago just as she was budding into womanhood, and from the shock of whose death, Mrs. Perry never fully recovered. Her remains will be placed in a vault until spring, when they will be interred in the family plot, in Coye cemetery.




The Naples Record            Wed             Mar 3, 1926

MAN KILLED AT MANCHESTER - John O'Neil, 57 years of age, of Canandaigua, a Lehigh Valley car inspector, was killed in the railroad yards at Manchester early yesterday morning shortly after he quit work at midnight, when a train of empty box cars ran into him as he walked along the tracks. 

Mr. O'Neil is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters. Burial will be made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol.



The Naples Record            Wed       Apr 7, 1926

The funeral of Henry Eckert was held from the church here Saturday. He had been a resident of this place for many years and was an honest, industrious man, well liked by his neighbors. Burial in Coye cemetery.


ALSO - HENRY ECKART,  aged 78 years, died at his home in South Bristol on Wednesday afternoon, March 31, 1926, after a two year illness with heart trouble. He was born in Durling, Germany, and came to America fifty-nine years ago and had been a resident of South Bristol many years.

He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Elizabeth Miller Eckart; one son, William Eckart, and one nephew, Otto Herzberg, all of South Bristol.

Funeral services were held from the Bristol Springs church on Saturday afternoon, April 3d. Rev. F. A. Hawley, of the Naples Presbyterian church, officiating, and burial was in the Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record            Wed            May 12, 1926

The bodies of the late John O'Neil, of Canandaigua, and that of the late Simeon Orman, also of Canandaigua, were interred in Coye cemetery last week..   [did they die  previous & buried elsewhere  ...  then re-interred here?]



The Naples Record            Wed                Aug 4, 1926

ELMER N. COYE -  At 7:20 o'clock last Friday morning, July 30th, 1926, occurred the death at his home in South Bristol, of Elmer Nathan Coye, a prominent farmer and fruit grower, following an illness of only a few hours. Thursday forenoon Mr. Coye had attended a meeting of school trustees at the South Bristol town clerk's office, in Bristol Valley, but was taken ill that afternoon.

Deceased was a son of the late Nathan H. and Lydia Laverna Brown Coye, and was born in South Bristol on October 22d, 1853, which town had always been his home.

Mr. Coye had always taken an active interest in the affairs of his community and of Ontario County and was also prominent as a republican in the politics of the vicinity.  At the time of his death he was the trustee of School District No. 2, Town of South Bristol, and a trustee of the Coye Cemetery Association, near his home. He had served three terms as supervisor of his town, and had also served as justice of the peace, highway commissioner, assessor and collector; he had also served two terms as a commissioner of elections of Ontario County.

In fraternal organizations Mr. Coye had been active for many years. He was a member of John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and A. M., of Naples, being Master of the lodge in 1922. He was also a Past Master of Academy Grange, of Cheshire, and a Past Commander of Bristol Springs Tent, K. O.T.M.

Besides his wife, who was Miss Georgia J. Clapp, of Cohocton, deceased is survived by three sons and two daughters: Nathan C. Coye, of Lankershim, Cal.; Earle R. Coye, of Lent Hill, Cohocton, and Herbert E. Coye, of South Bristol; Mrs. George Demorest, of Bristol Center, and Miss Winifred Coye, who resides at home. Seven grandchildren also survive. 

Funeral services were held from the home on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. William T. H. Bayford, of Dansville, and burial was made with Masonic honors in Coye cemetery. Six Past Masters of John Hodge Lodge acted as bearers, and Past Master Kirk M. Warner conducted the burial service; there were over seventy-five members of the Masonic fraternity in line. It was the most largely attended funeral held in this vicinity for a long time, many people coming from a considerable distance.



The Naples Record            Wed           Feb  16,  1927

Died, at the home of her son-in-law, Charles Robinson, in Burbee Hollow, Ellen Richards, formerly of this place, aged about 70 years. The funeral was held yesterday from the Bristol Springs church, Rev. Clarence E. Wolcott officiating and burial was made in Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record            Wed          Nov 16, 1927

William T. Trickey At his home in Bristol Springs on Thursday, November 10th, 1927, at 1:30 p. m. occurred the death of William Travis Trickey, son of the late John and Maria Springer Trickey.  Death came as the result of an injury sustained from a fall from the cellar stairs on Monday evening.

Mr. Trickey was born in the town of Canandaigua February 7, 1842. He was first united in marriage March 31, 1867, with Miss Zimmie Ingraham, who only lived three years. On April 10, 1875, he married Miss Henrietta Beeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Beeman, who survives. Mr. Trickey was highly respected in the community, a good neighbor and kind and generous father. 

He leaves to mourn his loss, beside his wife, five daughters and two sons: Mrs. Earl Pierce, of Naples; Mrs. Charles Fribolin, Jr., of Atlanta; Miss Florence Trickey, of Victor; Miss Eleanor Trickey, of Detroit, and Miss Mary Trickey, of Naples; Warren E. Trickey, of Naples, and William C. Trickey, of Rochester.

Funeral services were held from the home of his son, Warren, on Sunday at 2:30 p. m., Rev. C. R. Wolcott, pastor of the Bristol Springs Union church, officiating.  Interment in Coye cemetery.



Naples News                  

Murder Charge Filed - George J. Kidman, of South Bristol, who beat his wife with a wrench and then shot her is under close watch at Memorial hospital, under a formal charge of first degree murder. After the attack upon his wife, which happened last Thursday he tried to take his life by carbolic acid.

An autopsy performed showed the woman died of a fractured skull. Coroner A. M. Stewart and Dr. Wm, Lyon performed the autopsy.

Funeral services for Mrs. Kidman were held at the family home in South  Bristol, Sunday at 2 P. M., the Rev. Stephen S. Pratt of the Canandaigua Methodist Church, officiating. Interment in Coye Cemetery. Unless he is found insane, Kidman must face charges of first degree murder. 


The Naples Record            Wed         Aug 15, 1928

The funeral procession conveying the remains of Mrs. Schuyler Reed, of Burby Hollow, passed through here on Friday afternoon, en route to the Coye cemetery, where interment was made.


The Naples Record            Wed           Apr 5, 1929

Mrs. George Kidman, Sr. - The death of Mrs. Nettie M. Kidman, wife of George Kidman, Sr., occurred at the home of her son, George Kidman, Jr., in South Bristol, at 2:30 o'clock last Friday morning, April 5, 1929. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Augustus and was born at the Mehlenbacher homestead, in South Bristol, on November 21, 1871. About thirty-six years ago she was united in marriage with George Kidman.

Mrs. Kidman was a member of Academy Grange, at Cheshire, and of the Ladies of the Maccabees.  She was a regular attendant at Sunday School and was well liked in the community, where her many acts of kindness and love had won her many friends.

Besides her husband, she is survived by one son, George Kidman, Jr., of South Bristol; five daughters, Mrs. Albert Robinson, who resides near Canandaigua; Mrs. William Burd, Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook and Mrs. Dewey Burd, of Academy, and Mrs. Leon Reed, of Bristol Center; one brother, Henry Mehlenbacher, of Academy; three sisters, Mrs. John Stempel, Mrs. Myitis Rice and Mrs. Cora Trickey,  of Canandaigua, and by twelve grandchildren. 

Funeral services were held from the home on Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Stephen Pratt, pastor of the Canandaigua Methodist Church, and interment was made in Coye cemetery.




The Naples Record            Wed           Sept 4, 1929

Elwyn J. Hicks - Following a long illness, the death of Elwyn J. Hicks, aged 68 years, occurred at the home of his daughter in Waterloo, last Friday night, August 30, 1929.  He was born in South Bristol on March 18th, 1861, a son of Jacob Martin and Betsy Ann Hicks, and had always resided in South Bristol.  He was a member of the order of the Maccabees at Canandaigua and was a man of excellent character.

Mr. Hicks was twice married; his first wife was Ida Hotchkiss, of Naples, and the second Carrie E. Wood, of South Bristol. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Myron Cleveland, of Clyde; Mrs. Ernest Hatch, of Loch Berlin, and Mrs. Herbert Burgess and Clara Hicks, of Waterloo and by six grandchildren; also by two brothers, Myron Hicks, of Canandaigua, and Theron Hicks, of Rochester. One daughter, Ruth, died in 1892.

Funeral services were held from the Bristol Springs church Monday at 1 o'clock, conducted by Rev. C. T. Winkworth, pastor of the Waterloo Methodist church. Burial in Coye cemetery.


The Naples Record            Wed           July 23, 1930

Mrs. Henrietta Trickey - Our community was saddened to hear of the death of Mrs. Henrietta Patience Trickey, which occurred on the evening of July 18, 1930, at the home of her oldest daughter, Mrs. Earle Pierce, in Canandaigua.

She had been in very poor health for over a year, being confined to her bed the most of the time. Since the death of her husband, William Trickey, three years ago, she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Janette Fribolin, most of the time, until, on account of poor health, her daughter was unable to care for her longer, when she was taken to the home of another daughter, Mrs. Julia Pierce, in Canandaigua, where she died. With the exception of eleven years her entire life was spent in this neighborhood. Mrs. Henrietta Patience Trickey was born March 19, 1858, the youngest daughter of Nelson and Hannah Trembley Beeman, of Bristol Springs, being one of a family of seven children, and she was the last survivor of the family. She was the mother of ten children, seven of whom are left to mourn her loss: Warren Trickey, of Bristol Springs; Carlton Trickey, of Rochester; Mrs. Earle Pierce, of Canandaigua; Mrs. Thomas Laws, of Detroit, Mich.; Miss Florence Trickey, of East Bloomfield; Mrs. Charles Fribolin, of North Cohocton, and Miss Mary Trickey, who at present is in Pennsylvania.   Three sons have gone on before: Wallace, the eldest, who died in 1908; John, who died in 1921, and Clarence, who died in infancy.  There are also 21 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren who survive.

A prayer service was held in Canandaigua Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Pierce, followed by the funeral service from the Bristol Springs church at 3 o'clock, with Rev. D. M. Ratcliff, of Naples, officiating. Burial was made in the Coye cemetery.

Two of the children were in hospitals at the time and unable to attend the funeral: Carlton, who is in the General Hospital, in Rochester, where he is suffering from a fractured shoulder and collar bone, and Mrs. Fribolin, who is in very poor health and is in the Strong Memorial Hospital, in Rochester. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to them in their bereavement and suffering.



The Naples Record            Wed           Sept 30, 1931

MRS. WILLIS W. HOLCOMBE - The death of Mrs. Willis W. Holcombe occurred at Leonia, New Jersey, September 19, 1931. She had spent the summer at her farm home near Bristol Springs, returning on the ninth of September to Leonia, where for the past ten years she and her daughters and son-in-law had made their home.

Lucy Teresa Brady was born in Buffalo, December 2, 1865, the daughter of Charles G. Brady and Lucy Harriet Kennedy. She lived there until her eleventh year, when her parents bought the farm in South Bristol known as the Brown Stand farm from the old tavern on the place. She often described the features of the many-roomed old hostelry which was one of the landmarks of this section of the state.

In her teens Mrs. Holcombe attended school in Buffalo several winters, making her home with relatives. Her participation in the affairs of her home community began in youth. As soon as she was old  enough to be appointed, she obtained the office of postmistress at South Bristol, and after her marriage to Willis W. Holcombe, then a young merchant in Bristol Springs, she was actively engaged in business with him. After his sudden death in 1912, she carried on the business and supervised the work on the fruit farm south of Bristol Springs to which her husband had given the greater share of his attention during the later years of his life. The war period, during which food rationing was in force, made Mrs. Holcombe's business very difficult.  Many times she set aside the other cereals a customer was compelled to buy with wheat flour, taking the subsequent loss herself. 

Her health suffered from the strain of the past war period, so difficult for small business, and in 1921 ill health compelled her to retire. She had accomplished her object in life; her daughters had been graduated from college equipped to live independent useful lives, and she considered that the greatest source of happiness for both men and women.

During the last ten years of her life she was never reconciled to what seemed to her to be an inactive life, although she was making a happy, comfortable home for her daughters and son-in-law. "Her children arise up and call her blessed."

Mrs. Holcombe was the last of her immediate family, her brother,  Charles Brady of Canandaigua, having died in 1923 and her brother, James, of Aberdeen, South Dakota, last December. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Aaron (Maude Mae) MacCoon and Miss Rose Holcombe. A daughter, Lucy, died in 1904.

In accordance with her wishes, a simple service was held from the farm home, the Reverend Dr. Gaylord, of Canandaigua, officiating. Burial was in the Coye cemetery overlooking Canandaigua Lake.



 The Naples Record            Wed           May 5, 1937

The death of Frank Voorhees, 70, occurred on Sunday, May 2, 1937.   The surviving relatives are a daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Morrow, of Holcomb; three sons, Charles Voorhees of this place; George Voorhees, of Naples, and Francis Voorhees, of Avoca; two sisters, Mrs. Bert Wesley, of Holcomb, and Mrs. Addie Voorhees, of Burby Hollow and several grandchildren.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2 p. m., from the home of Charles Voorhees, and interment will be made in Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record            Wed                  Nov  9, 1938

Merton O'Neill of this village mourns the death of his estimable mother, Mrs. Susie Grace O'Neill. 69, which occurred on Sunday evening at the residence of her daughter. Mrs. Merle Wheeler in Canandaigua. She had been ill for a long time. Survivors are two sons, two daughters, two brothers and four grandchildren. 

Funeral services were held from the Canandaigua Baptist Church on Tuesday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Coye cemetery in South Bristol.  Mrs. O'Neill, a native of South Bristol, was the widow of John O'Neill and had made her home in Canandaigua for the past 10 years.



 The Naples Record              Wed               May 3 1939

George J. Kidman - Word was received Sunday of the death of George J. Kidman, 67, formerly of South Bristol, after being seriously ill for several years.  He is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Albert Robinson of Canandaigua, Mrs. Leon Reed of Bristol Valley, Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook, Mrs. William Burd and Mrs. Dewey Burd of South Bristol; one son, George Kidman, of Bristol Valley and fifteen grandchildren.

Burial will be made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol, following services at 2 p. m. on Wednesday from the home of Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook.  The Rev. Stephen S. Platt  will officiate.



The Naples Record              Wed                         Nov 13, 1940

JOHN BENSON HAWKINS -  At the home of his son, Arthur B. Hawkins, near Bristol Springs, yesterday, November 12, 1940, occurred the death of John B. Hawkins, 74, for many years a prominent farmer and fruit grower in the town of South Bristol.  He was born in South Bristol on May 1, 1866, son of the late Benson T. and Dorothy Perry Hawkins.  His wife, the former Angeline Hicks of South Bristol, died a few years ago.

Surviving are three sons, Frank Hawkins of Hunts Hollow, Arthur B. Hawkins, of Bristol Springs, and Perry Hawkins of East Bloomfield; two daughters, Mrs. Howard Mansfield of Cheshire, and Miss Emma Hawkins, of Bristol Springs; and six grandchildren.

Services will be held from the home of Arthur B. Hawkins on Thursday at 2:30 p. m., the Rev. Charles A. Paille, of Bristol Center, officiating. Burial will be made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol.



The Naples Record              Wed                   Apr 9, 1941

The death of Fred B. Holcomb occurred early Friday morning, April 4, 1941, at his home in Bristol Springs, where he had been a life-long resident. He had been in failing health for some time, and was tenderly cared for by his sister, Mrs. Minnie Farnsworth, who has lived with him since the death of her husband, Allen A. Farnsworth, a number of years ago. The funeral, which was largely attended, was held from the church on Sunday at 3 pm, with the Rev Charles A. Paille, of Bristol Center, officiating and with Mrs. Ward Jones at the organ. Burial was made in Coye cemetery.


The Naples News                 Wed                  May 21, 1941

OTTO HERZBERG - Otto Herzberg, age 71, resident of Bristol Springs, died Saturday morning, May 17, 1941 at his home. 

Mr. Herzberg was working in his garden at the time of his death.  Otto Herzberg was born in Heepen, Germany, and came to this country at the age of sixteen years and had resided in this section his entire life. At the time of his death he was a member of the Naples Central School Board; a Justice of Peace in the Town of South Bristol; member of the South Bristol Grange; and John Hodge Lodge F. and A. M., in Naples.   He was a retired vineyardist, and a prominent member of Republican circles for many years.

Mr. Herzberg is survived by a sister in Germany; two daughters, Mrs. Ola Jaycox and. Mrs. Herman Asseldt both of Binghamton; and a son Carl Herzberg of Bristol Springs; also three grandchildren. Mrs. Herzberg died several years ago.

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the Emory Funeral Home with the Rev. E. I. Braden, pastor of Naples Presbyterian church officiating.  Burial was made in the Coye Cemetery at Bristol Springs.



The Naples News                 Wed                              May 6, 1942

Mrs. Ellen Johnson King, 76, died in Canandaigua Memorial hospital, Thursday April 30th. Funeral services were held Sunday, from Honeoye, with burial in the Coye cemetery, South Bristol.


Naples Record                   Wed                Dec 30, 1942

HENRY RICKETSON Henry Ricketson, 69, a prominent resident of Bristol Springs, in the town of South Bristol, died unexpectedly last Saturday morning,  December 26, 1942,   in Savannah, Georgia.   Mr. and Mrs. Ricketson were en-route to Florida for the winter, having left home on December 19. 

Private services will be held from the Ricketson home in Bristol Springs tomorrow (Thursday) at 2:00 p. m., followed by public services from the Bristol Springs church at 2:30 o'clock. The Rev. D. M. Ratcliff will officiate. Interment will be made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol, where a Masonic prayer will be said at the grave.

Henry Ricketson was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Ricketson, of pioneer Stock in the town of South Bristol.  In that town, Henry was born, and there he spent his life, discharging the obligations of a citizen of his standing.  He represented his town on the Ontario County Board of Supervisors, having been elected on the Republican ticket.  He had also held other town offices. 

As a fruit grower and farmer, he was highly regarded, He was affiliated with the Bristol Springs Free Church, was a member of South Bristol Grange No. 1107.  With one exception ( J. Martin Lawyer, of Naples) he was the oldest living member of John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and A. Naples, with which lodge he has been affiliated since 1895.

In 1898, Mr. Ricketson married Miss Eloise French, of West Hollow; she died on November 30, 1937.  A few years later he married Mrs. Carrie Dedrick Martin, who survives. He also leaves two sons, John F. Ricketson, of Canandaigua, and Albert H. Ricketson, of Phelps; and a grandson, John Henry Ricketson, of Canandaigua.



Naples Record                   Wed        Mar 31, 1943

MRS. JAMES B. GELDER- Our community was shocked and saddened early Friday morning to hear of the unexpected death, by a heart attack, of Mrs. Lina Sherman Gelder, 64. While she had been in poor health for some time, it came as a great shock to all of us.

Mrs. Lina Sherman Gelder was born in the town of South Bristol on May 4, 1878, the only child of the late Hiram C. and Elvira Kelsey Sherman, and had always lived here in the Sherman-Gelder home. She died on March 26, 1943. By her life of cheerfulness and Christian helpfulness, she had endeared herself to all who knew her. Only four months ago, her husband, James B. Gelder, was called home.

She leaves to mourn her loss, her three children, Dr. Robert H. Gelder, of Winthrop, N. Y.; Mrs. Stern Lyon, of Penn Yan, and Miss Grace Gelder, at home. She also leaves three grandchildren, numerous cousins, and a host of friends. Our sympathy is extended to this bereaved family.

Services were held on Sunday, at'2:30 p. m. from the home, and at 3:00 p. m. from the Bristol Springs Free church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. D. M. Ratcliff.  Burial was made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol.


Naples Record                 Wed             Apr 12, 1944

John P. Stempel, 78, died in Rochester last Friday, April 7, 1944. He was a son of the late John and Mary Showers [on list, her maiden name spelled as  SCHAURER (yet newspaper spelled as Showers)   and resided at Canandaigua Lake, and in Canandaigua, before moving to Rochester two and a half years ago. 

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Carrie Mehlenbacher Stempel; a daughter, Mrs. James Sherry, of Rochester; a brother, George Stempel, and two sisters, Miss Julia Stempel and Mrs. Mary S. Griesa, all of Naples.

Services were held on Monday in Canandaigua, and burial was made in Coye cemetery, South Bristol.



Naples Record                 Fri             Jan 12, 1945

MYSTERY OF FATAL BLAZE  IS SOLVED -  Canandaigua, Jan. 12 - (Special) - Mystery of a blaze which cost the life of 13 month old,  John Edward Coye today was attributed to 3-year-old David Coye's fear that his baby brother was cold when left In his crib for a few minutes by the children's mother, Mrs. Keith C. Coye, at the family home, Canandaigua RD 3. David apparently attempted to warm the baby by putting a piece of blazing firewood in the bed.  

The infant died here in Memorial Hospital, Wednesday night, a few hours after he was found by the mother with his clothing afire and suffering from third degree burns about the head and body.

At the time of the accident no coherent story of how it occurred could be secured from little David who had been left in the house with his baby brother for a few minutes while his mother went into the farmhouse yard. On her return she found the baby's clothing afire, but could not determine the cause.

Yesterday she told Canandaigua friends, David finally explained he had taken a piece of fire wood, lighted it in the kitchen stove and placed it in John's crib because "baby was cold." He is survived by the parents and brother and two grandmothers, Mrs. Julia Smith, Shortsville and Mrs. Myrtle Rowe, Cleveland, O(h). Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p. m. today in the Kennedy funeral home here with burial later in Coye cemetery, South Bristol





Naples Record                 Wed                Jan 17, 1945

John Edward Coye, aged 13 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Coye, died Wednesday, Jan 10, 1945, in Memorial hospital in Canandaigua, of burns suffered in his crib in the Coye home in Bristol Valley. Besides his parents, he leaves a brother, David, and two grandmothers, Mrs. Julia Smith of Shortsville and Mrs. Myrtle Rowe, of Cleveland, Ohio.  Services were held in Canandaigua on Friday, and burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.



Naples Record                 Wed                       May 2, 1945

MRS. PETER DeGROOTE - Mrs. Lulu Ella DeGroote, 73, of Manchester, died on Sunday, April 29, 1945, in the sanitarium in Clifton Springs, following a brief illness. She was born in Conesville, Greene County, N. Y., a daughter of Reuben and Elmyra Brand. She had resided in Manchester since her marriage to Peter DeGroote, on September 7, 1897. She held membership in the Manchester Methodist Church.

Besides her husband, she leaves a daughter, Mrs. Edwin Rickard, and a son, Leland, DeGroote, of Syracuse; also one granddaughter and five grandsons.

Services will be held at  the home in Manchester at 1:30 p. m. on May 2, and burial will be made in Coye cemetery, near Bristol Springs.



The Naples Record        Wed                Dec 12, 1945

HENRY J. DEGEN - Henry J. Degen, 78, died at his home in Canandaigua, Tuesday, December 11, 1945. He was born in Gates, Monroe County, January 17, 1867, and had lived in Canandaigua thirty-five years.

He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Lois DelPapa, of Geneva; a son, Harry Degen, of Canandaigua; two sisters and a brother, Mrs. Catherine Breehl, of Rochester, Miss Margaret and Fred Degen, of Bristol Springs; six grandchildren; three great-grandchildren.

Services will be held from the home on Thursday at 2:00 p. m., conducted by Rev. Harry Lumb, of the Canandaigua Presbyterian Church. Burial will be made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.


The Naples Record        Wed              Mar 19, 1952

George J. Kidman, Jr., 49, died Saturday, March 15, 1952, after a long illness. He was born in the Town of South Bristol on November 30, 1903.  He leaves his wife, Mrs. Ramona Covert Kidman; five sisters, Mrs. Albert Robinson, of Rushville, Mrs. William Burd, Mrs. Leon Reed and Mrs. Dewey Burd. all of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook, of South Bristol; and nieces and nephews.

Services were held Monday, at 2:00 p. m. from the home of Robert Morrow, in South Bristol, Rev. Stephen Pratt, of Canandaigua, officiating. Burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.


The Naples News                 Wed               Nov 19, 1952      

Bristol Springs - November 17, 1952 - Twin sons were born on Sunday, November 16, 1952, to William and Lois Mosher Coye, at Memorial Hospital, in Canandaigua.  One of them died shortly after birth, and will be buried in Coye cemetery.



The Naples Record               Wed               Jan 14, 1953

GLANCING BACKWARDS - In Naples and Vicinity 38 Years Ago [1915]

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jacobs, a daughter;  on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Jacobs died suddenly on Wednesday morning at the home of her father, Augustus Mehlenbacher, where they had lived since her mother's death.  Burial was in Coye cemetery, Rev. Charles Pusey, of Bristol Center, officiating.


The Naples Record                  Wed             June 16, 1954

Died, June 10, 1916, Moses Garner, 75. Burial was in Coye cemetery, Rev. Alban H. McKnight officiating.



The Naples Record                  Wed                 Feb 16, 1955


Soon after 'The Record' of last week reached village readers, Mrs. Edith Brown, of Mechanic Street, came to this office with a scrapbook kept by her mother-in-law, the late Mrs. Melissa Brown, well prepared to identify that mystery picture which appeared in these columns. In the scrapbook was a clipping (from The Naples Record of March 13, 1918) of the obituary of Richard S. Treat, of Boswell Corners, in the town of South Bristol. A feature of the obituary was Mr. Treat's picture. We produced the old printing plate which we had used in our last two issues and, after careful  comparison, it was agreed that it was the same plate used in Mr. Treat's obituary thirty-seven years ago. The unmarked plate was unmistakably identified.

Since Mrs. Brown's call, a number of personal calls, telephone calls and letters have been received, suggesting the names of old-timers; some of them suggested Mr. Treat. 

We'll not list all of them, but excerpts of three are pertinent: Mrs. Walter B. Case, of Canandaigua, wrote: "Was quite pleased to see that it was my uncle Richard Treat who used to keep a store at Boswell Corners."

Mrs. Bradley Heard, of Boswell Corners: "That picture in this week's Record is R.S. Treat's picture. He had a little store at Boswell Corners. 1 knew him well. His people lived across the road from where I live. The place is now Mary B.Heard's summer place."

Mrs. Ruby Lyon, of Canandaigua: "It is Richard S. Treat that used to keep store in Boswell Corners. I used to live with them, and I think it was taken about 1915. I have one at home, like it."

Mrs. Nevada Gillett Stone who, with us, had guessed "Clark Avery," promptly said: "Why, yes; I knew Richard S. Treat well. That's just who it is."

The obituary states that Richard S. Treat was born in the Town of South Bristol on October 11, 1848, and lived his entire life in that town. He was a carpenter by trade, learning under his father when he was so small it was necessary to lay a plank for him to stand on at the bench. For four years, beginning when he was about twelve years of age, Richard maintained the family while his father was in service in the War 1861-1865. For his last twenty years he conducted a successful mercantile business at Boswell Corners. 

In 1880, he married Miss Jennie Daniels, of South Bristol, besides whom he left a brother, F. S. Treat, of Rochester, and an adopted nephew, W.A. Macomber, of Dansville. He died February 25, 1918. Burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.

Communications about that picture - and about others used a week earlier -came from people we do not know, as well as from people we do. Interesting bits of explanation in several carried such sentences as "Mrs. X gives me her copies of The Record" and "I find news of my relatives and acquaintances, too."  The only thing unusual about the circumstances is the opportunity to trace the readership interest of a newspaper beyond the scope of counted subscribers.

Unlike some of the more modern agencies for dissemination of information, which flash and then subside, a newspaper is a living thing of which it may be said that the end of its journey may not be "forecast in other words, its first audience is not its last audience."


Naples Record              Wed              Dec 4, 1957

MRS. GEORGE MILLER - Mrs. Emma Ahtrens Miller, 82, died Thursday, November 28,

1957, in the Canandaigua Health Home, where she had been cared for for the past several months.

A native of Germany, she came to America at the age of six, with her parents, and became a resident of this area. In 1909 she married George A. Miller, of South Bristol, who died in 1945.  She leaves three sons, Rudolf G. Miller, of Rochester, J. Edward and George C. Miller, of this place; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Braun, of Naples; and seven grandchildren.

A large number of friends and relatives from this community attended the funeral which was held Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Kennedy funeral home in Canandaigua, Rev. Richard H. Bowen, of the First Congregational Church, Canandaigua, officiating.

Herbert E. Coye, Julius Rose, Murray Brand, Oscar Fox, William Fox and Byron Bills, neighbors of Mrs. Miller in her former home here, acted as bearers. Burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.

Mrs. Miller, before her health failed, was very active in community affairs.  She organized and conducted the West Lake Shore Sunday School, probably forty years ago, in bad weather walking the distance of a mile faithfully, never misusing a Sunday; she also organized the Sunday School Cradle Roll.

She was a charter member of Bristol Springs Home Bureau, and continued to be a member until her dearth, always actively interested in all its projects. Mrs. Miller was a forty-year member of South Bristol Grange  and at the time the Grange Hall was built, worked many long hours in furnishing it, the beautiful stage curtain could be a memorial to her efforts. 

She served as chaplain for many years, and in several other offices. She was especially interested in children, as everyone in the community can testify. Until recent years she was a promoter of the annual Memorial Day programs here. Her influence will be felt for years to come.


The Naples Record                   Wed            Nov 19, 1958

MRS. GRACE COVERT -The community was saddened last week by the death of Mrs. Grace Covert, 78, who died Saturday, November 15, 1958, at her home in Bristol Valley, following a stroke and a heart attack.

She was born on October 29, 1880, in the Town of South Bristol, daughter of George and Naomi Fox Covert, and was a lifelong resident of this town. She was a charter member of Bristol Valley Grange.

She was a nurse by profession, and had ministered kindly to nearly every family in this community for many years, having been active in her profession until her retirement only a few years ago. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and relatives.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Robert Morrow, of South Bristol, and Mrs. Henry Morrow, of Holcomb; one granddaughter, Mrs. Harold Hatch, and one great-grandson, John Irving Hatch, both of Ionia, N.Y.

Services are at 2:00 p. m. on Monday, November 17, from the home in Bristol Valley, Rev. Lacey VanNorman, pastor of the Methodist Church of Honeoye Falls, officiating. Burial in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.




The Geneva Times            Mon                  Dec 29, 1958

Ex- Lake Captain Dies in Naples - Naples -  Funeral services  for George H. Stempel, 96, well-known former captain of the Canandaigua Lake steamboat era, were held this afternoon In Naples at the Emory Funeral Home. Burial will be in Coye Cemetery.

A Masonic funeral service was held Sunday at the funeral home. Capt. Stempel died Saturday. A native of Germany, he came to this country when he was seven years old. He spent most of his life near Canandaigua. In recent years he lived in Naples. At the time of his death he was in the Hamburg home of his son, Gordon.

In the 1920s, when automobiles put the steamboats out of business, Capt. Stempel took over caretaker duties at the Hawk's Estate, Cook's Ft., Canandaigua Lake.  He was the oldest living member of the John Lodge, F & AM, Naples, joining this lodge in 1895.

Sailed for 40 Years - Capt. Stempel was master of the Ogarita and the Onnalinda for many years. The Ogarita was destroyed by fire in 1917 and the Onnalinda was put out of service in the 1920s.  He navigated Canandaigua Lake for 40 years. The season started when the ice broke up in the spring and lasted through Christmas.  In 1899, Capt. Stempel commanded two boats owned by State Senator John Raines, well-known area political figure, and political boss of Ontario County. In the winters, Capt. Stempel worked as a messenger in the State Senate at Albany.

Besides his son, Gordon, of Hamburg, Capt. Stempel is survived by four granddaughters, Mrs. William R. VanDerveer and Miss Mary Stempel, 111 Lewis St., Geneva; Mrs. Bryan Fryer, Washington, D.C; Miss Maria Stempel, Hamburg; three great-grandchildren and a niece.



The Naples Record                  Wed                     Dec 31, 1958

George Henry Stempel, 96, of Stempel's Landing, Town of  South Bristol, died Saturday, December 27, 1958, at the home of his son, Gordon Srempel, in Hamburg, N, Y.   He was born February 23, 1862, in Germany, son of Henry and Mary Showers Stempel, and came with his parents to Canandaigua Lake when he was seven years old. For the past three years he had spent most of his time in Hamburg with his son, but continued to come to the lake for visits.

In addition to has interests in the Stempel vineyards, he was a member at crews on the steamboats on the lake in summers for many years, most of the time as captain, and was master of the finest steamboats in the history of the lake. His contacts as captain afforded him an unusually wide acquaintance of friends.

When Theodore Roosevelt was Governor of New York State, Mr. Stempel spent his winters as a messenger in the State Senate; After thirty-odd summers on the lake, Mr. Stempel became caretaker of the Hawks properties on Cook's Point, Canandaigua Lake, retiring from that position a few years ago.

He was the oldest living member of John Hodge Lodge No. 815, F. and A. M, which he joined in 1895, the year in which the Lodge was formed.

Besides his son, he leaves four granddaughters, three great-granddaughters, and one niece.  Another son, George Stempel, of Naples died a few years ago.

A Masonic service was held on Sunday evening at the Emory funeral home in Naples, with the master, S. Dey Wells, presiding, and Rev. Birger Halvorsen as chaplain. A service was held Monday at 2:00 p.m. at the funeral home. Rev. Franklin G. Horst, pastor of the Naples Baptist Church, officiating. Burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.




The Naples Record                   Wed           Apr 8, 1959

Mrs. Arthur Middlebrook - Mrs. Lena M. Middlebrook, 57, wife of Arthur Middlebrook, died Thursday, April 2, 1959, after an extended illness. She was born in Naples on February 13, 1902, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kidman.  She was a member of South Bristol Grange.  

Besides her husband, she is survived by one son, Cecil Middlebrook, at home; three daughters, Mrs. Eva Leverty, of Gorham, Mrs. Rita King, of Victor, and Mrs. Rosalie Nudd, of Naples; three sisters, Mrs. Harriet Robinson, of Honeoye Falls, Mrs. Alida Burd and Mrs. Mildred Burd, of Canandaigua R.D.; seven grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.

Services were held at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, from the Moore-Emory funeral home, in Naples, Rev. Oliver Gaseli, of Amsterdam, officiating. Burial in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.

The sympathy of the community is extended to the family. Mrs. Middlebrook will be long remembered for her kindness and thoughtful neighborliness; she was always first to respond in the neighborhood in times of distress.



The Naples Record                   Wed               May 20, 1959

Gleaned from Naples Record  of May 8, 1921

The body of Private Henry Herzborg, U.S. Army, arrived from Belgium where he died on November 8, 1918. After services at the Bristol Springs church, burial was made in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.



Naples Record           Wednesday     April 13, 1960

MRS. SEBASTIAN BOPPEL - Mrs. Julia Schauerer Boppel, 90, of Canandaigua, widow of Sebastian Boppel, died Sunday, April 10, 1960, in Canandaigua. She was born in Baden, Germany, on September 17, 1869.

Most of her life was spent in the Boppel Hill area of the Town of South Bristol, where she continued to operate the Boppel farm and vineyard after the death of her husband fifty years ago. She retired and moved to Canandaigua fourteen years ago.

Mrs. Boppel leaves one niece, Mrs. Charles G. Herzog, of Rochester, and two nephews, Julius Rose, of South Bristol, and Charles Rose, of Naples. Services are Wednesday at 2 p. m. from her home in Bristol Street, Canandaigua, Rev. Willard Steele, of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, officiating. Burial in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.



Naples Record           Wednesday           May 11, 1960

AMELIA ZAHNER- Miss Amelia Zamner, 76, dried Monday, May 9. 1960, in Hopewell. She was born in the Town of South Bristol on November 11, 1883.   She leaves a brother, Theodore Zahner, of Naples, and several nieces and nephews.  

Calling hours are Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 p. m., at the Robert B. Allen funeral home in Naples, where services will be held at 2:30 p. m. Thursday, Rev. Vernon E. Shankle, of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial will be in Coye cemetery, in South Bristol.



Shortsville Manchester Enterprise                Mar 12, 1964

Mrs. Kidman - NAPLES - Mrs. Laura A. Kidman, age 86, died in the  Smith Nursing Home, Naples, Tuesday, March 3, after a long illness.  She was born in the Town of South Bristol,  NY, April 14. 1877. a daughter of Edward and Emma Stidd Murphy. For the past thirteen years she had made her home with Miss Mabel Woodard, James Street. 

She was the  widow of Frank Kidman. She was a member of the Naples Methodist Church and  the Naples WCTU. 

Survivors include three nieces, Mrs. Laura Johnson, Mrs. Genevieve O'Hara, both of Canandaigua, Mrs. Lucille Lawrence. of Fairport; two nephews, Edward Murphy, of St. Louis, Missouri, and Hollis Murphy, of Phoenix. Arizona.

Funeral services were conducted at 2 p-m. Thursday from the Willis C. Moore Funeral Home, Rev. Donald Romlein officiating. Burial in Coye Cemetery, South Bristol.



The Geneva Times             Tues                   Apr 20, 1971

CANANDAIGUA - Harry Degen, 79, of 304 S. Main St., Canandaigua, died yesterday in Thompson Hospital here, after a brief illness.  A funeral service will be 2 p.m. Thursday at the Kennedy and Son Funeral Home in Canandaigua. Burial will be in Coye Cemetery, Bristol, at the convenience of the family.  Friends may call at the funeral home  today from 7-9 p.m. and tomorrow from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

Mr. Degen was born in Bristol Springs. His wife, Virginia Thomas Degen died in 1955. Mr. Degen had been retired for 15 years from the Liske Mfg. Co. where he had worked for 40 years.  He is survived by a daughter; Mrs. Nelson Johncox of Rushville; a son, Jack T. of Canandaigua, with whom he resided; two grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. Louis DelPapa of Hollywood, Fla.


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