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Many of the active cemetery lists are far from complete, so if you have any information to add, 

please contact Dianne Thomas. 

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Yates Co. Historian's  Listing  of  Cemeteries


These are cemeteries that have some pictures of headstones 

Abiel Thomas Family Cemetery, Potter

Alcott Cemetery, Benton

Alexander Nicholas Cemetery, Milo

Angus Cemetery, Benton

Armstrong  Cemetery, Italy

  Arnold  Potter Cemetery, Potter


Baldwin Cemetery, Benton 

Baldwin's Corners Cemetery, Gorham

Barrington Baptist Cemetery

Barrington Porter's Corners Cemetery, Barrington

Barden Cemetery, Benton

Barkers Cemetery, Italy [also was called Italy -Naples Ceme., 

Townline Ceme. & County Line Cemetery] 

Bartholomew Cemetery, Barrington

Beddoe Cemetery, Jerusalem

Bellona Cemetery, Bellona, NY 

Benjamin Jones Cemetery, Starkey, NY

Benjamin Stoddard Cemetery

Bennettsville Cemetery, Starkey

Benton Center/Benton Rural Cemetery, Benton 

Benton Mennonite Cemetery 

Benton Small Private Cemeteries & Soldier's Monument, Benton

Bitley Cemetery, Branchport, Jerusalem

B. Johnson Cemetery, Starkey

Branchport Hill Cemetery, Jerusalem 

Briggs Cemetery, Benton

Brown Cemetery, Dresden, Torrey

Brown (Peter) Cemetery, Milo

Buckley Johnson Cemetery, Starkey

Burk Cemetery, Italy


Cahoon Cemetery, Jerusalem

Chapman Cemetery, Italy

Chase Cemetery, Benton

Chrisler Cemetery, Barrington

City Hill Cemetery, Torrey   [repairing]

Clark Cemetery, Barrington

Cole Cemetery, Benton

Comer Cemetery, Milo

County House Cemetery, Jerusalem

Crane Family Cemetery, Barrington

Cronk or Crank Cemetery - see  West Woods Cemetery


Davis - Conklin Cemetery, Jerusalem

D. Brown Burial, Jerusalem

Dresden Cemetery, Dresden [see Evergreen Ceme]

Dundee Cemetery [see Hillside Ceme]

Dundee Old Baptist Cemetery, Dundee, Starkey

Dundee Presbyterian Cemetery, Dundee 

Durham Cemetery, Jerusalem


Eddytown Cemetery, Starkey

Edward Crafts Cemetery, Potter

Evergreen Cemetery, Dresden 


Finton Cemetery, Barrington

French Cemetery, & Perry Private Farm Burials, Potter 

Friend's Burial Grounds, Jerusalem

Fulkerson Cemetery, Starkey


Garrett Memorial Chapel, Jerusalem

Gardener Private Cemetery, Potter

G. Sherer Cemetery, Potter

Gravel Run Mennonite Cemetery, Dundee

Grove Mount Cemetery, Milo

Grove Place Cemetery


Haight or Humphrey Cemetery, Benton

Harpending (or Old Baptist) Cemetery, Dundee 

Havens Cemetery, Benton

Hazen Cemetery, Milo [removed-all now buried in Lakeview Ceme]

Herrick Cemetery, Jerusalem

Hillside Cemetery, Dundee, Starkey 

                                      [Was also referred to as the Dundee Cemetery]

Hopeton Corners Cemetery, Dresden 

Hoxter Cemetery, Benton

Hunt Cemetery, Milo


Ingraham Cemetery, Jerusalem

Isaac Lain Cemetery, Potter

Isaac Nichols Cemetery, Milo

Italy Hill Cemetery, Italy 

Italy Hollow Cemetery, Italy  (Italy Valley)

Italy Naples Cemetery  

[same as Barker's Cemetery]


James Clark Cemetery, Starkey

Jerusalem Country Cemetery, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Unknown Burials

Johnson Family Cemetery, Italy  

Jones Cemetery, Starkey

Josh Stoddard Cemetery, Benton


Kashong Cemetery, Benton

K.  Barnes Burial, Jerusalem

Ketchum Cemetery, Benton

Keuka Park Cemetery, Jerusalem

Knapp &Hopkins Cemetery, Barrington

Kniffin Cemetery, Benton

Kress Cemetery, Barrington


Lakemont Cemetery, Starkey 

Lake Road Cemetery, Rockstream

Lakeview Cemetery Index, Penn Yan 

Lane Cemetery, Barrington

Lee  Cemetery, Italy   [see West River cemetery below]

Loomis Cemetery, Barrington

Luther- Sisson Cemetery, Jerusalem 

Lynn Cemetery, Benton


Merrifield Cemetery, Benton

Merritt Cemetery, Barrington

Middlesex  Center Cemetery, Middlesex  

Milo Center, Milo

Milo Mennonite Church Cemetery, Milo

Mount Hope Cemetery, Dresden, Torrey

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Torrey


Nettle Valley  Cemetery, Potter  [once named Middle Valley Ceme]

Nichols Cemetery, Milo

'Non -Cemetery' Listing for Yates Co.

Norris Cemetery, Barrington


Old Bellona Cemetery & Civil War Soldiers, Bellona

Old Fort  Cemetery, Jerusalem

Old  Himrod  Cemetery, Milo

Overackers, Middlesex 


Page or Barden Cemetery, Benton

Penn Yan Catholic Cemetery, Penn Yan 

Perry Cemetery, Potter

Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex

Potter  Cemetery, Potter

Porters Corners Cemetery, Barrington

Putnam Cemetery, Barrington


Raplee Family Cemetery, Milo

Reynolds Cemetery, Dundee, Starkey

Rock Stream Cemetery, Starkey 

Rushville  Cemetery, Gorham  (on Ontario Co., NY site)


Sabintown Cemetery, Jerusalem

Seager  Private Cemetery, Italy    (newer ceme)

Segar Cemetery, Italy 

Second Milo  Cemetery, Milo

Shuman Cemetery, Potter

Southerland Cemetery, Potter

Spencer Cemetery, Benton

Spink Family  Cemetery, Barrington

Starkey  Methodist Cemetery, Starkey 

St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery,  Jerusalem

Stoddard Burials, Jerusalem

Sugar  Creek Mennonite Church Cemetery, Penn Yan


Terry Owen Cemetery, Milo

Townsend Cemetery, Benton


Van Zandt/Barber Cemetery, Potter

Voak Cemetery, Potter


West River  or  Lee Cemetery, Italy  

West Woods Cemetery, Benton

Wolcott Cemetery, Barrington

Wolven Cemetery, Italy


Yatesville Cemetery, Potter


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